Winter Workout - Some Cool Exercises for Winter

The Winter Workout

It’s no surprise that any motivation to getting out of your bed, hitting the gym has gone. But don’t let the season be an excuse to drift you from your resolutions and lose your workout goals. Not just that, you might even experience muscle cramps due to the weather and these simple techniques will turn helpful. 


We’ve come up with some of our favorite calorie-busting workouts that can be done indoors to get you through the season of snuggling-in-bed. Jut before you start your workout have Fast&Up Activate which is the best pre-workout supplement as it is tailored with a blend of performance-boosting ingredients like L-Arginine which has the potential effect to increase vasodilation and improve exercise performance.

Some Cool Exercises for Winter

Get your gloves: Get started with some kickboxing. A few rounds in the ring provide a full-body workout as you duck, block, and throw punches. And because the moves focus on cardio and conditioning to keep stamina up in the ring, you will tone muscles. And it’s OK to be a newbie.

Dodge balls. Play a game of dodgeball. Dodgeball delivers a surprisingly good cardio workout, moving in all planes of motion as you duck and fly over your opponent’s strikes. After a few vigorous games, you might find yourself sore than expected.

Just jump it! Unleash the kid in you and hop to the nearest trampoline. This bouncy childhood favorite is the latest fitness craze. Just five-to-six minutes of cardio moves on a trampoline is equivalent to running about a mile. And because trampoline’s low-impact cushioning, joints are protected as you jump up and down.


The Alternatives: Find yourself some alternative moves if you don’t wish to hit the gym. You can always exercise in the comfort of your home. If you love cardio, you can always climb the stairs up and down. You can also do push-ups, squats, planks, crunches without moving out of your room. 




The weather might be chilly outside, your diet doesn’t need to be. On a chilly day, it’s tempting to curl up on the couch with a bowl of hot soup or a pile of leftover holiday treats. But it is also important to keep in mind that your nutrition doesn’t suffer. Keep up your electrolytes and energy levels in check. You can consume Fast&Up recover which Helps reduce muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness post-workout.


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