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Runner Smita Kulkarni Daily Fitness Activities Before the Race

The sun, sand and the sea.. with a little bit of running and a lot of delicious food - can there be a better start to the week?.Though I think I need to control and not go overboard with the food bit ( I am the biggest foodie) sice SCMM is nearing soon!

These were my thoughts as the three of us, my husband, my son and me were driving down to Goa. This is the only place where they would happily come to cheer me on since they just love Goa!

Now to give you a background of me signing up for GRM goes back to last year. GRM 2015 was my first ever half marathon outside Maharashtra. I was really excited about it but somewhere during the run I had developed a small injury and to add to that the weather was bad and the course, tough. I ended up doing my worst ever timing,?finishing at 2.25.

But I am a typical Taurean and a very strong headed and determined bull. I promised myself I would come back next year and definitely beat my previous time.

So here I was, feeling so different from last year. I was more relaxed, not at all stressed as after getting my sub 2 ?(1.57) in Delhi for ADHM I was feeling more confident about my training under Kaustubh and also with Prototal, I can feel the difference in my stamina and speed.

But Kaustubh and Amod had ?clearly told me that I was not to race as SCMM was too close and this was to be taken as a training run. They had given me a target of 2.08 which I already knew would be achievable as I was familiar with ?the course now.

So?Friday?just went by with some relaxing at the beach and enjoying some fresh fish in Goa.

Saturday was the Expo day. After a scrumptious breakfast of eggs and sausages (well,a runner needs proteins!) we headed to the expo. Now I love attending expos! It's always buzzing with excitement, with everyone collecting bibs, checking out all the stalls, meeting fellow runners etc. I simply love all this being a very social person myself.

It was great meeting Sunil and Sangeeta Shetty, who are Fast &Up ambassadors and the race organizers as well. Met a few other running buddies and then I came across the Garmin stall. I have been wanting to buy a Garmin with a heart rate monitor since the one I'm using does not have it. My husband Arjun knew that and he said "Common, let's get you one! I wanted to get you something anyway after your Delhi sub 2!". Now I don't think any woman in her right senses can refuse this, so I ended up buying the Garmin 235 which I was super excited to inaugurate on the next day for the race itself :)

Lately I feel my luck is shining (touch wood) as just a day before we left for Goa, there was this big box that came in the mail and when i opened it I thought I was dreaming; there were these whole lot of goodies from Adidas (shoes, caps, tees) sent specially for me. Can't wait to try these. And when I mentioned this to someone she just said - The harder you work , the luckier you get. Bang on :)

On Saturday, I kept sipping on Reload throughout the day. After the expo we went to this lovely shack and had some yummy fish again. Though I love prawns, I avoided that as I had the race the next day and didn't want to eat anything that would upset my stomach. We went back to the resort later for an afternoon siesta. Had a meal of Chicken and pasta in the evening, came back to the room, got everything ready for the next day - pinning my bib, putting out my clothes, shoes for the race and then went off to la la land in no time.

Sunday - The race day! I normally know how my race is going to go as soon as I wake up. I have no idea whether this happens with other runners but I just get that feeling. And today I got a feeling that it was going to be a good happy run! I had my tea, did some stretches, got ready and then Arjun dropped me and some of the Pune Road Runners who were staying in a hotel nearby to the start point which was about 10 minutes away. After we reached I had a banana and a Fast & Up Activate. Started the warming up with PRR group led by Dr. Vivek and then slowly started moving towards the start line. The race started on time and the weather was pretty good. Around the second Km the street lights suddenly went off and at the same time I ?tripped over something and almost fell flat on my face but I got lucky again, managed to somehow control, balance and avoid the fall. I felt my ankle twist and had a slight pain but in no time it was gone and I continued running. Last year same time I remember after the turnaround half way I had slowed down & started huffing and puffing, struggling to run and had finally finished that race with quite a bit of walking and running. This year I was strong and did absolutely no walking. In fact many a times I was controlling myself from going too fast as I kept reminding myself what Kaustubh and Amod had said about no racing as just 2kms before the finish comes that dreaded incline! This year I had no reaction like the one I had last year, that of shock and disbelief. I continued running and though it was tough I did not stop running and finally as I knew I was getting closer to the end, I started speeding and my new Garmin said 2.03 - Woah! I beat my last years' time by 22 minutes. It was a fantastic feeling & I gave myself a pat on my back, it was indeed a great run.

Monday?- Got up with a slight dull pain in my ankle. Being very injury prone, I panicked, since SCMM was real close and I couldn't afford to get injured. But as i moved around and did some stretches, it subsided. Spent the day in and around the area and came back to the resort for a good recovery swim. Then some table tennis with my two boys and dinner after that.

Tuesday - Headed back to Pune after breakfast and reached in the evening after stopping for some good mutton thali (I need my proteins for good recovery). I was too tired to do anything and thank God for mothers, she had called us over for dinner and my parents live real close to where I live.

Wednesday - Today I got up feeling a little drained out. I wasn't sure if I should go to the gym but once I had my ginger tea and did some yoga asanas I felt good and headed to the gym for a good workout. Had some baking orders and some errands to run that day.

Thursday?:- Today was an easy tempo run so i wasn't as stressed. Ran with my Radstrong group and again had a good run. Came back home to practice some yoga. The next few days are going to be a bit busy with in laws visiting.

Friday?- Gym day! I was a complete gym person until I discovered the joys of running. I used to lift quite heavy too but I stopped after I started doing marathons. Now I lift lighter weights than compared to what I used to lift and concentrate more on form. Did some spinning followed by back biceps and abs, had a busy day with in laws, order and some errands.

As I write this, I am thinking about my?Sunday?long run. Tomorrow will be a short easy run but well let me write about all that next week same time, Till then have a great week!