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The Importance of Muscle Recovery After Exercise

Published : May 18, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Instant Post Workout Muscle Recovery – Essential to Your Next Workout

Most athletes and now with people working out at home in order to stay fit and healthy, one key aspect which people need to focus is recovery.

Ask every athlete, moment to avoid.

As quoted by Erasmus “Prevention is better than cure”. It’s better to prevent injury from happening in first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. In order to avoid weeks of rehab athletes need to think about pre – rehab. Being one step ahead of injury is necessary.

It’s not a single event that leads to injury, sometimes countless hours of overuse may lead to muscle injury or even a tear.

Post workout muscle recovery should be part of every workout training plan. One interesting way is by including post workout energy drinks that lead to healthy muscle.

Fast&up Instant Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplements

Importance of efficient recovery?

Important goal for athletes or gym people is muscle gain, lean or toned muscle. But with every session there is a lot of wear and tear of muscles. Without recovery the significance of the workout would be waste and results in various health problems. Different steps occur post exercise or any endurance events while you’re resting.

  • Protein Synthesis – Responsible for proper muscle recovery. Post workout amino acids are important for protein synthesis to build muscle and their repairing. Post workout protein synthesis rate increases by 50%.
  • Muscle Fibers – Micro tears of muscle fibers are a natural part of activity when you increase pressure on muscle. Recovery helps to repair and healing process.
  • Fluid Restoration – We sweat and loose fluids and electrolytes, Hydration post workout is essential as essential as pre and during activity hydration, because fluids help in nutrient transport to muscle and organs through bloodstream.
  • Metabolic Waster removal – Acids accumulate in body post endurance activity, recovery post exercise is important in intramuscular blood flow for oxygen delivery.

Why is recovery important with respect to Immunity?

Common notion that prolonged exercise or endurance activity cause “open window” of immunodepression during recovery after exercise is well accepted. Exercise increases neutrophils and monocyte counts and reduces lymphocyte count during recovery. Lymphocytes is an integral part of the physiological stress response to exercise. Lymphocytes move from bloodstream to peripheral tissues during and after activity. Nutritional supplements like post workout recovery drink is an important aspect when it comes to maintaining immunity.

What is Nutrient timing?

Nutritional strategy involves adding the right combination of nutrients in and around training or activity sessions.

Why Amino Acids for Muscle recovery?

Intense training sessions result in depletion of essential stored fuels like Amino acids as well as causing damage to muscle fibers. Amino acids have positive action on long term adaptation to post muscle recovery and also performance prevention during stress. 

Fast&up Recovery Amino Acids Drinks

Your go to Recovery drink should be – Fast&Up Recover

 Fast&Up Recover is India’s first effervescent post workout recovery drink with complete profile of 20 amino acids and added glutathione. For instant post workout muscle recovery. Effervescent supplement with wide array of performance enhancing effects are imperative to reach next level of performance.

Available in tube of 20 amino acids in Raspberry flavor, Fast&Up Recover supplement helps to heal and repair muscle post workout or post super tiring day. Addition of glutathione significantly reduces Exercise induced Oxidative stress and speeds muscle recovery.

Bottom Line

In a nut shell, recovery is imperative to reach next level of fitness and to avoid chances of muscle injuries as well. Fast&Up Recover with complete amino acids profile and antioxidant glutathione to help heal and muscle repair post work out or help you recover from tiring day.

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