UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw Confirmed

The Champions League Last-16

After 5 match days and only one last game week remaining, 7 teams have already made it into the quarter-finals, did the usual suspects qualify, and who could be the shock entrant into the last 16, which big team might not qualify or might qualify by going to the wire?

The champions league Last-16

PSG and Real Madrid have qualified for the last 16 from group A, with PSG leading the group with the least goals conceded in the campaign so far, they have a prolific attack, with the likes of Cavani, Icardi, Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe to hold the reigns at the top of the field but their defense is the talking point so far, while Madrid might not be at their best, but remember they have won the trophy for a record 13 times, so never count them out.

From Group B, Bayern has qualified to score 21 goals so far, with Spurs in second place.

From Group C, Man city are through but the second place is still up for grabs with all the remaining three teams going neck to neck and having a chance to qualify,

In Group D, Juventus is at the top, with Cristiano and his men rallying to lift the trophy. With Atletico Madrid and Locomotiv Moscow fighting to finish second.

The story in group E is down to the wire, with three teams aiming for the qualification spots, and only two will make it to the next round, the last year’s winners Liverpool simply put the need to win or draw their final game, if they lose, they would likely be eliminated.

From Group F, Barcelona has made it to the next round, with a tough battle going on for the second spot between Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund has the relatively easier opposition in the form of Slavia Prague, but if Inter can pull the upset against the mighty Barcelona they will go through on the head to head record.

Group G forms a similar 3 club race with Leipzig, Zenit, and Lyon all needing a win in the final round to qualify.

Group H also has 3 clubs in contention for the next round, only Ajax would qualify with a draw, while the other two clubs Chelsea and Valencia a win needs to be recorded in their column to proceed to the quarter-final stage of the competition.

The champions league Last-16

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