The calm before the big race - things you can do to be best prepared!

Published : Jan 09, 2017
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Week 7 with Fast&Up Pro Total Having it twice a day and feeling strong and energetic as ever. Now I'm just waiting for 15th January the big day.

    The last two weeks are easy. The most important weeks which will finally decide the performance on race day. The hard work is over. I've been doing easy runs, taking a lot of rest, getting a good amount of sleep, eating sensibly and hydrating well. I'm sure that Fast&Up Pro Total will help take care of my strength and hydration. I just have to ensure that I run on well rested and fresh legs on the 15th. Now no amount of mileage or speed is going to make any difference to the final run.

    The Sunday run with one of my running buddies - Dr.Porus Peshotan

    Visited the SCMM Expo and collected the bib, met a lot of runners and interacted with them. It was great fun. Saw the Fast&Up stall and people buying products from them. Felt very proud to have been selected by them to try their new product.

    Just waiting for the 15th and the final outcome that is to come!

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