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Proteins, Muscles, Athletes, Performance are all now synonyms for each other. Connecting the dots, an athlete will require adequate protein supplementation for his muscles and body to perform well. Agree? What are Proteins? Proteins are substances that are formed by amino acids. They serve as the major structural component of muscle and other tissues in the body. For proteins to be used by the body, they need to be first metabolized into their simplest form, amino acids. Amino Acids is the currency the body understands.

Many athletes and coaches believe that high-intensity training creates a greater protein requirement. This stems from the notion that if more amino acids were available to the exercising muscle it would enhance protein synthesis. And that in order to build or maintain muscle, fueling with right amino acids is very vital. Proteins that are of inferior content and digestibility are important to recognize and eliminate from your daily routine. High-quality protein supplements are required for daily nutrition and muscle growth and repair.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just someone with an active lifestyle, having a high-quality protein supplement is a must. With it, it is even important to have an in detail knowledge about the best online protein supplements in India which often claim to be? the high protein supplement in India which will help you to identify the protein that provides the greatest benefit and should be consumed. With an increasing need and demand for high-quality protein supplements in India, protein supplements have been known to be flooding in the online market. Online Protein Supplements fall into various categories e.g. dairy protein, animal protein, plant-based protein, whey protein isolates, concentrates, hydrolyzed, etc. Online Protein supplements also target a diverse range of population e.g. Protein for Vegans, Protein for Vegetarians, Protein for Non-Vegetarians, etc. Online Protein Supplements market with more of high protein supplements in India is ballooning like a body-builder?s bicep. Today?s protein-hungry consumers are faced with an overwhelming amount of choice to identify the best protein supplement.

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Amongst these high protein supplements in India, currently, whey protein holds the major share of the protein supplements in the market. The most common type of protein supplement in India is Whey Protein, wherein each claims to be the Best Whey Protein Supplement in India. They are majorly into 3 categories: Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolysates. Question is which one should you go for? Protein hydrolysates are the best option one should go for. SO WHAT ARE PROTEIN HYDROLYSATES? Protein hydrolysates are obtained by breaking or splitting larger proteins into smaller versions, thereby providing with amino acids which are rapidly absorbed in the system, enabling muscles to rebuild quickly and efficiently. WHICH SOURCE OF PROTEIN HAS THE COMPLETE PROFILE OF PROTEINS I NEED? Traditionally, sources of dietary protein were recognized as either of animal of plant origin. Protein from plant sources might generally lack one or more of these essential amino acids compared to protein from an animal source. Animal source of protein comes up as a source of a complete protein profile.

Look in for the correct processing techniques used here for the extraction of protein from an animal source. Prefer the protein supplement here with supportive clinical studies. WHICH IS AN IDEAL PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT? The composition of various protein supplements may be so unique and different that their influence on physiological functions in the human body could be quite different. While considering the nutritional benefits that the protein supplement can provide, the quality and source of protein are also very vital. Many high protein supplements in India do not meet the demands of the body. An ideal protein supplement should be quickly digested and absorbed in the body with a steady flow of amino acids, provides the highest bioavailability and which has an immediate and quick effect on the body. Even the Best Whey Protein Supplements in India are not able to meet these conditions ideally. Infact, some best whey protein supplements in India fail to provide with a complete profile required by the body.

Some whey protein supplements claim themselves to be the Best Whey Protein Supplement in India. So now that you know the right parameters to choose the best protein supplement. Look for a complete amino acid profile in your protein supplement rather than just looking for a self-proclaimed best whey protein supplement in India. It's time to change your shift from the traditional ideology to the new revolutionizing concept. WHICH IS THE PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT I SHOULD GO FOR? FAST&UP PROTOTAL What is FAST&UP PROTOTAL?

 Best Whey Protein Supplement in India.

FAST&UP PROTOTAL is the World's First Salmon Protein Hydrolysate supplement extracted from fresh Norwegian salmon. The amino acids Prototal contains are in free, digested form and will be quickly absorbed with the highest bioavailability. The all-natural, marine-derived ingredient is targeted to muscle anabolism and reliable muscle support, as it provides with a steady stream of amino acids entering the bloodstream to be used by the muscles at a faster absorption rate with an immediate effect. This provides athletes with the amino acids they need to build strong skeletal muscle, repair damaged muscle, regain muscle mass and perform their best. FAST&UP PROTOTAL (Amizate) helps achieve superior nutrition goals far beyond any traditional dietary amino acid supplement.

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  • Truly natural with pure 25 amino acids, short peptides and micronutrients extracted from fresh Norwegian salmon
  • The full spectrum of the patented amino acid complex which is easily digested and assimilated by the body
  • Helps support the body's muscle anabolism
  • Helps prevent Muscle Loss
  • Helps build Lean Muscle
  • Significant higher performance with regards to physical strength and endurance
HOW TO USE: DROP one tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait until the tablet DISSOLVES completely and consume it as a DRINK. DROP, DISSOLVE, DRINK

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