ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - Team India’s Top 5 Moments that No Indian would Forget

Team India’s Top 5 Moments of ICC World Cup 2019 that No Indian would Forget

Team India played some brilliant cricket throughout the tournament to finish at the top of the points table. The showed the world why they are a force to reckon in white-ball cricket. Besides all players showing how capable and talented they are, there were some moments on the field that have imposed a place in every Indian Cricket fan.
Here are Top 5 Moments of World Cup 2019 that No Indian would forget –

• Kohli’s Kind Gesture towards Smith
Steve Smith was being booed by many from the audience to whichever stadium he went to play. In Match against India, the same incidence reappeared but Indian Captain Kohli soon realized what was happening and asked fans to clap instead of booing. Later on in press conference, he showed kindness towards Smith. Kohli’s gesture won praises of everyone around the World.

Team India’s Top 5 Moments of ICC World Cup 2019 that No Indian would Forget

Virat is very quick between the wickets and puts in extra efforts to convert singles into two’s and keep the scoreboard moving. Running fast requires the body to be hydrated and Virat maintains his fitness and is very agile.

• Shami’s Hattrick
Indian fans were delighted when Shami got his first World Cup hattrick in the match against Afghanistan. Chetan Sharma was the first to claim the first World Cup hattrick for India and when Shami took 3 consecutive wickets to help India win, fans all over erupted in joy.

• Rohit’s 5 Bossy Tons
Rohit Sharma is unarguably a Legend of ODI cricket and has been lauded fans and by experts as well. And when a legend shows his craft one has to stop all his work and watch him play. His elegant style of play makes batting look so easy and in ICC World Cup he kept on scoring tons after tons to break the all-time record of most World Cup hundreds.

Team India’s Top 5 Moments of ICC World Cup 2019 that No Indian would Forget

• Kuldeep’s Perfect Dream Delivery
Kuldeep Yadav bowled a delivery which is undoubtedly among the top 5 deliveries of the World Cup 2019. He bowled a perfect leg-spin delivery to Pakistan’s Babar Azam which went on to shatter the stumps. The ball drifted, dipped and then spun magnificently to break through Azam’s defense to hit the middle stump. That day he showed his artistry with the ball.

Kuldeep never feared to give flight to the ball. Even if the batsmen hit him for a boundary, Kuldeep made sure that he stayed focused and stress free and paid more attention to bowl the next ball.

• Dhoni’s Unfortunate Runout
One incident which will always remain in the memories of every Indian fan will be Dhoni’s run out in India’s semi-final clash against New Zealand. The run-out resulted in a heart break for millions of people along with the man, Dhoni himself. Dhoni getting run out is a rare sight and it happened unfortunately on the night of the semi-final.

Team India’s Top 5 Moments of ICC World Cup 2019 that No Indian would Forget

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