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TCS 10K 2016

Published : May 04, 2016 3 mins read Updated On : Apr 19, 2023

?TCS World 10K India?s premier 10 K running event since the year 2008 sees the participation of thousands of people from across the country as well as many from outside India. Elite, as well as amateur runners, are all set to embellish Bangalore's rich sporting tradition yet again. The 9th edition of this running event is scheduled for May 15, 2016, in Bangalore, India. There is something for everyone in this race! Do the senior citizens run for fun? majja runners? and champions with a disability to energize the event with their participation.

TCS World 10K Running Event in Bangalore, India

On a separate note, has it crossed your mind?? An experienced amateur runner who probably knows that he or she cannot be on the podium and have various other running events in the country to choose from; knowing that the qualification criteria and getting the priority line up is actually so tough; As a matter of fact, registration spots get filled up within few weeks of its initiation. It could be an interesting study to know what drives an amateur runner to participate in a relatively expensive running event? Whatever are the reasons; this trend is definitely healthy and encouraging and so are the choices of these runners. It speaks volumes of how well and prestigious, this event is perceived by the runners in the country. Running; as long as it transcends from one-off to the active lifestyle change to many, to bringing various fitness communities together and encourage the wellness and health quotient, awareness and participation amongst its people, to the elites in the country bagging their well-deserved spots, it is all worth it! It is worth every penny, every morning tempo runs, tiring interval runs, that investment in the running shoe and race nutrition. As long as it is healthy, keeps you motivated, gives you a goal and helps you grow - It's worth it!

TCSW10K Running Event 2016

Interesting elements of TCS World 10K, 2016 event:

  • There is whooping prize money of USD 1,97,768 for the elite podium winners and different cash prizes for the Indian age category open 10 k winners.
  • It will be a beautiful sight to see the super-fast Kenyans and Ethiopians, as well as the Indian elites, blaze the route. World half-marathon champion Peres Jepchirchir and defending champion Mosient Geremew will be leading the field this year.
  • TCS 10K Get Active expos are going to be more vibrant with the leading sports brands showcasing their products and offering an excellent opportunity to meet and greet the runners from across the country and the city.
What you can do differently this year? With the scorching heat in Bangalore and temperature hitting its maximum affecting our training plans and forcing us to stay and workout indoors, let us take an initiative. Post run, celebrate your personal bests or joy of finishing the run, by planting a tree in your neighborhood or backyard. It's about time we act more responsible and aware of our environment. Take a selfie with your medal, shoes and your plant and post it online with the hashtag #Iwillbethechange #SaveLifePlantaTree Wishing you all the very best for your race. Have a great race! (About the Author - Geeta Bisht is a fitness enthusiast actively into running and cycling. She also contributes as a freelance writer in areas of interest. The views expressed here are individual to the author and www.fastandup.in is not responsible for the data accuracy or the contents.)

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