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Published : Apr 24, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

After looking at the Mumbai Marathon and the Delhi Half Marathon growing, Procam decided to spread wide the distance running revolution- to the garden city of Bengaluru in the year 2008. On this date, presently TCS World 10K Bengaluru is known as the world's richest 10Km run and has seen the participation of top elite athletes all over the world.

This year TCS World 10K Bengaluru lands on 19th May 2019. 

TCS World 10K Bengaluru is scheduled right in the middle of the hottest season of the year- that is summer and summer means heat, harsh sunrays, dehydration, sweat, low energy and many more.

Here are a few tips which will help you stay cool while you run even if it is sweltering outside!

·        Don’t wear dark colors or cotton

Yes, gears do matters in extreme conditions! Synthetic fabric like polyester is used nowadays while running. Choosing proper gears can also protect your skin from tanning, sunburns or other skin related issues.

·         Start your run hydrated

Hydration is the key! While running in the heat, the core temperature of our body- lowers down because we sweat more and it is important to restore and maintain the balance of the fluid level in the body.

The good news is you need not to have to worry about the hydration part while running TCS World 10K Bengaluru. Why? Because

Fast&Up is the official energy drink partner with TCS World 10K Bengaluru.


Fast&Up Reload is India’s first effervescent Informed-Choice Certified electrolyte, it is a certification program which ensures that the product is all banned substances free.

Fast&Up Reload is made up by using an effervescent technology and it is a perfect blend of electrolyte, carbohydrate and antioxidants.

Reload is available in four refreshing flavors: Citrus, Cola, Berry and Lime&Lemon, and Reload is also available in Hydration+Caffeine boost- added caffeine is to boost your performance to another level, so that you #BeatYourBest in this TCS World 10K Bengaluru. 

·         Run by effort and not pace

Running during the summer season is the perfect time when you can work on the skill of running by feel. Do not think about strictly following the pace and the distance. Train your mind that this run is to make you feel good and work towards it!

·         Fuel up on minerals

During summer, our body tends to lose more minerals than usual due to sweating. Foods rich in Vitamins and minerals should be a regular part of our diet, because our body cannot produce these minerals on their own, they have to be obtained through the food we eat.

·         Complete Nutrition, Complete performance!

Never underestimate the power of complete nutrition, nutrition, and a healthy diet are important not only for maintaining good health, but also helps promote peak performance. This is how it works.

Grab your complete pack of nutrition which contains Fast&Up pre-workout, during workout and post-workout supplements.

Fuel with the best, Fast&Up is India’s favorite and trusted effervescent range of nutrition. Run but #NotWithoutFastandup

Fast&Up is proud to #FuelThePride


Participate in TCS World 10K Bengaluru because the #RunNeverStops.

Isha Samtani
Isha Samtani
Daily Health & Wellness

Isha being a fitness enthusiast herself believes that daily health and wellbeing can be easily achieved through regular exercise and following such food habits that are nutritious and healthy. She ... Read More

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