Tarun Walecha Talks about Running, His Experience, TMM and Much More

Tarun Walecha Talks about Running, His Experience, TMM and Much More

Tarun Walecha talks about Running, his experience, TMM and much more.

Are you ready for some running? Get charged as Tarun Walecha makes it easier with his tips and fitness mantras. Read on to know more.

Tarun discovered running at the age of 40 as his fitness mantra. Being in this for over 8 years, he has participated in 38 half marathons, 5 full marathons, and 10 ultra runs. He even did a 7 half marathons over 7 consecutive days to support the underprivileged athletes.

Apart from running, he has some extremely good mentoring skills. He co-founded a running group ‘RunXtreme’ in 2015. Running successfully, the group has over 4000 member runners across Delhi.

Tarun has tremendous mentoring skill and he had been a pacer for many races as well. He co-founded a running group by the name of RunXtreme in March 2015 and has been spearheading its meteoric journey. At present they have a member base of over 4000 runners across Delhi NCR.

1. Your advice to runners running TMM 2020 First time

For those running TMM for the first time, I would like to say it's one of the toughest road runs in India but also one that's the most fun. The crowd, the energy, the cheering, and Mumbai's spirit is something you won't find anywhere. So train hard, but don't forget to soak in the experience.

2. Your favorite TMM experience

My favorite was my first TMM in 2014 when it was called SCMM. I was running a half marathon and was already overwhelmed by the stories about the Mumbai crowd. True to all I had heard, the crowd support was fabulous, the experience of running on the sea link at the break of the dawn was mesmerizing and running along Marine drive towards the end was unforgettable.

3. Importance of nutrition in running

Nutrition plays a vital role in running. It kind of defines how far your training will take you. If you aren't supporting your body with the right nutrients, chances are your training will not yield the results.

4. Why Fast&Up Reload is their go-to hydration for running

Fast&Up Reload is my go-to hydration as it not only provides my balanced electrolytes but has fabulous taste and the effervescent mix keeps me pepped.

5. How TMM has changed running habits in our nation

TMM has been a game-changer for running fraternity. It not only has time and again been a dream run for every new runner but the excitement and aura around it never fail to entice the old ones.

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