Vitamin C Supplements for Swine Flu(H1N1), Viral Infections Prevention & Treatment


SWINE FLU AWAY H1N1BlogPic1 Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and an enzymatic cofactor for physiological reactions such as hormone production, collagen synthesis, and immune potentiation. Vitamin C is also known as the miracle drug. It is known to cure over 30 major diseases in over 50 years. Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Compared to commonly used prescription drugs, side effects are virtually nonexistent. It does not cause kidney stones. In fact, vitamin C increases urine flow and favourably lowers the pH to help keep stones from forming. But, in actual fact Vitamin C is no miracle drug. Scientist and Doctors have repeatedly stressed upon the exceptional healing properties of Vitamin C, but the miscommunication to the common man, is what putting Vitamin C to the back seat. It has been studied for many years as a possible treatment for common colds, which can increase the susceptibility to influenza. ? So how does Vitamin C play a role in H1N1 treatment ? Influenza virus (H1N1) is an infection with a negative-stranded RNA virus that primarily infects the lung epithelium and leads to a strong local inflammatory response which means respiratory infection and discomfort. Vitamin C is water soluble and high doses of vitamin C is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for viral infections. In high doses, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, helps kill viruses, and strengthens your body's immune system.?Severe cases may require 200,000 to 300,000 milligrams of vitamin C or more, given intravenously (IV) by a physician.?Its ability to speed-up recovery from bacteria from causing disease, and even kill the bacteria in culture at high concentration are also known and proved in so many studies. During times of stress or hostile conditions, such as increased temperature and presence of antibiotics, bacteria tend to come together and form a biofilm to protect themselves. The stress response pathway is crucial for bacteria to survive during hostile conditions. So blocking this pathway is a sure way of killing the bacteria. H1N1BlogPic2 How do we keep these Viral fevers or other fevers at bay ? When individuals are exposed to a?viral?infection, the need for Vitamin C?is increased, depending on the body's immune function. It was therefore proposed that in the clinical management of viral infections, especially in the early stages, considerable benefits will be noticed from antioxidant repletion with dosages substantially above recommended daily allowances. It was shown that?vitamin C?at sufficiently high doses as already discussed can prevent?viral?disease and greatly speed recovery from an acute?viral?infection. Viral infections often lead to oxidative stress to the infected cells, and therefore, antioxidants are expected to suppress oxidative stress and work as antivirals or ?drugs,? improving inflammatory symptoms. Among these substances, the protective effect of Vitamin C has been assumed due to its powerful scavenging and antioxidative property. Vitamin C is also involved in enhancing several functions of the immune system. Cells of the immune system have one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can also enhance the production of interferon, which helps prevent cells from being infected by a virus, stimulate the activity of antibodies and cytokines, and in mega-doses, play a role in mitochondrial energy production. It can enhance the ability of specialized immune cells to ingest bacteria. Fast&Up India, as a sports nutrition company has the right kind of products to support an individual?s health as well take of your game requirements as well. Vitamin C is the antioxidant you need to succeed. Whether it is to lose fat or build muscle - or both - an active lifestyle means you need Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts the immune system so it can fight off bacteria and viruses. Fast&Up Charge gives 1000mg of Vitamin C that helps in building the immune system and manages the damage caused by exercise induced oxidative stress or help in keeping the viruses at ChargePackshot bay during monsoons or during an outbreak of a flu.