Dr. Simi Saksena - Surgeon or Runner? Both!

Surgeon or Runner? Both!

Living two lives like Diana Prince sounds so fun, isn’t it? During the day she’d work in a museum and restores art, by night she’d fight crime and save lives. Well, today we have someone who may or may not fight crime saves lives and simultaneously fulfill her passion for running. Striking the balance for both- and that my friend is a superpower!

Dr. Simi Saksena of Mumbai has been a swimmer since childhood. And even today, she enjoys her time in the water. She was always drawn towards outdoor activities.

When a couple of years ago she met her runner friend, she had no idea she’d run a marathon. Her friend casually suggested her to participate in a marathon. The idea sounded ridiculous to her. She brushed off the thought, saying she has never ran a kilometer so how can she run a marathon? But after giving it a thought, she decided she would at least try training for a week.

The week flew by and Simi started enjoying. This turned into a regular thing. During weekdays she would focus on the surgeries and weekends were dedicated to the training. And then in 2017, she ran her first 25km. It was difficult because it was supposed to be one of the toughest runs across the state. Regardless of all the challenges, she completed her run. From then on she hasn’t stopped participating in runs and marathons. 

Surgeon or Runner? Both!

She is also a part of a running group called RIR- Run India Run. A group that focuses on training runners through interactive sessions and planned run practices. 

Surgeon or Runner? Both!

Her coach recommended her to use Fast&Up Energy Gels. “I love those gels so much! They work like magic.” Says Simi.

Surgeon or Runner? Both!

Simi’s Fitness Essentials:

Gears – Asics & Adidas
Shoe – Nike
Supplements - Fast&Up Energy Gels & Reload.

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