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Can Supplements Help Prevent Omicron?

Published : Feb 03, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 21, 2023

With the rapid upsurge of the Omicron variant in the third wave, often people still have unanswered questions like “How can I boost my Immunity?” Or "Even after taking precautionary measures, I’m still falling sick?” or “Can Supplements aid to develop a stronger Immune defense system?”
The answer to your question is – YESSSS!

Can Supplements Help Prevent Omicron

Our immune system works in mysterious ways and helps the body to recognize any foreign particles and protects us. Just like normal cells these cells also require nutrition to carry out their function. Often with the fast based routines and change in lifestyle can cause nutrient depletion. Even high processing techniques used in food banish out important nutrients that are vital for our body. Hence, it is vital to supplement ourselves with important vitamins and minerals.

Many researchers have identified active evidence that nutrient supplementation and regular use of multivitamins, omega-3 and vitamin D, C and E supplements are associated with a lower risk of COVID-19 infection. We all know that Vitamin Ca wonder vitamin can do wonders with our immune system and help ward off any cold and flu symptoms. Vitamins and minerals can act as precautionary treatments to boost our immune system. It is also recommended that one should hydrate themselves with the right amount of electrolytes this pandemic as most of the symptoms cause fatigue and dehydration.

Zinc is an important mineral that helps immune boosting cells to carry out their functions effectively as it is a mineral that acts as a catalyst in the body for various immune reactions to take place. Zinc is known for its anti-viral properties, and to reduce severe symptoms that have started to spread. It helps in the development and functioning of cells that are involved in both innate and adaptive immunity. It activates enzymes that helps breakdown the proteins in viruses.

Covid and Supplements

N-acetyl cysteine is a conditionally essential amino acid and it’s a precursor for a potent antioxidant Glutathione. It is available as a NAC supplement widely used to treat respiratory tract infections. It aids to reduce mucus in the lungs. It has also been found that it helps boosts immunity and suppress viral replication. Many studies show that it helps reduce the frequency of influenza and reduce symptoms and the likelihood of the disease. It helps in enhancing cellular immunity. Viruses require NF-κB pathway support in host cells so that they can replicate, however if this pathway is suppressed it can significantly reduce the replication rate. It has been observed that NAC has significant action on this pathway and has reduced viral replication. This shows that NAC has the ability to inhibit SARS-Cov-2 as well because of its ability to negatively regulate NF-κB. Thus also inhibiting any inflammation.

However, supplements have been constantly in demand and are the best way to keep one healthy and helps prevention any symptoms and act as an effective precautionary measure to keep us away from the virus this pandemic. With the constant adulteration everywhere we are not able to get optimum nutrition via food sources effectively. Many studies have also shown that supplements have reduced the likelihood of disease causing and prevention of severe symptoms.

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Shilpa Manwani
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