Published : Feb 19, 2019
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    Life goes on!!! The phrase which has been heard many times can be implied to many things one deals with in daily life. Our body is the most complicated machinery on earth which needs constant fueling in the form of appropriate nutrition. A balanced nutritional diet is what leads to a healthy long lasting life with great physical and mental fitness.

    We definitely have come across a mountain load of health supplement advertisements such as energy drinks, protein powder supplements, vitamin capsules etc. which keep popping out either on social media or even through posters and newspapers. How well do these supplements perform and do they really improve the quality of lifestyle is the most common question encountered by many.

    What are Supplements?

    Supplements are basically the additional nutrients that either boost one’s physical potency or even make up for the gap to attain a normal functioning of the body. Proper use of supplements make our body functioning better thereby decreasing stress on muscles and increasing body’s energy banks. Supplements have evolved greatly as each focus on improving a different component of health made in various combinations suiting the purpose.


    One needs to choose the supplement that best suits his/her lifestyle in order to stay fit and active that are essential for overall growth. Let us discover more on what kind of supplement to improve your active lifestyle:

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    1.       Daily Vitamins: Vitamins are nutrients essential to body in trace amounts but are crucial for smooth functioning and staying healthy. Including multivitamins in your diet improves the blood circulation thereby improving heart health required for energy and maintaining active lifestyle in balance. Multivitamins also ensures bone health necessary for a sustainable active lifestyle. To know for the best Multivitamins.

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    1.      Bone health: Bones form the structural framework of human body giving support to the muscles. They not only support the body weight but also protect our organs from external impact. The strength and density of bones become vulnerable as age progresses thereby making it crucially important to take care of it. Supplementing the bones with essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium etc. along with vitamin D greatly reduces the chances of bone issues such as fractures, osteoporosis etc.  


    1.      Immunity: Human body is capable of defending itself from stimulants that can cause imbalance in proper functioning thereby impacting overall health. Immunity booster such as vitamin C helps in strengthening body’s response to various infections. It also helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases as well. Check out the best Immunity booster supplement.


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    Heart health: Balanced mental and physical well-being is what favors active lifestyle the most thereby improving one’s health. Brain and heart health are streamlined by Fatty acids which play a wide role in body that includes maintenance of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses as well.  Omega-3 fatty acids with high EPA and DHA content benefits in boosting health of brain, heart as well as joints which perform in synchronized manner for any activity

    1.      These also benefit in reducing inflammation which improves the supply of oxygen rich blood to muscles thereby preventing fatigue. Looking for best Omega-3 source.

    A tired female athlete in front of a treadmill

    1.      Hydration:  Hydration is the king when it comes to list down the most crucial factor for an active lifestyle. Hydration helps in prevent many botherations such as fatigue, energy depletion, electrolytes imbalance etc. Providing the body with ideal hydration which also includes rich energy sources such as maltodextrin and fructose along with electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and chlorides in optimal proportion reduces muscle fatigue. Keeping yourself well hydrated balances the water-electrolytes levels improving the performance. To know about best hydration drink.      

    An active lifestyle is what everybody craves for but only a few find a suitable way to strongly pillar the essential required for it – Nutrition! Supplementing the body well is what bridges the gap between a mere busy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle.

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