Summer hydration with Fast&Up Reload for instant recharge and energy

Who is the real Summer ka hero?

It’s that time of the year again, the sun is out in all its might, but that shouldn’t hinder your day to day activities.
While most people would stay in and not face the sun, most of us don’t have a choice, we wont stop just because the sun is out and we will run around and get from one place to other. Be it for work or pleasure.

India has a deep connection with Nimbu Pani or Shikanji , which is the go to rescue from the heat, It may not be a healthy option but sure is refreshing and does bring a nostalgia of the time when we were kids and would drink n number of glasses a day during the summer vacations.
We here at Fast&Up understand the demands for the summer and have just brought a new product to the market which is perfect for the summer
It’s the India’s trused hydration in Fast&UP reload in Lime&Lemon Flavour, a perfect healthy drink packed with electrolytes and with the flavor perfect to refresh us in the heat.

People are really liking the new flavor and showing it a lot of love.

In their words

1. Thattinyrunner on Instagram says 

Who is the real Summer ka hero?

'While summer feels awesome, everyday becomes sweatier.

Be it a day at the beach, or sometime in the sun, the heat drains your body of not only fluids but also essential salts making you feel tired, low and just not on fleek. This is the time when water is just not enough, you need more.

It's time for dropping India's best hydration product into a glass of water. @fastandup_india reload is your own personal saviour which will rescue you from the sun and be your #SummerKaHero'

2. Imchandanray on Instagram says 

Who is the real Summer ka hero?

'Working out has always been fun, especially when it comes to gym. Thanks to my sports drink partner @fastandup_india for making me hydrated always with Fast&Up Reload. It helps me to maintain the electrolytes level, reduce muscle soreness and cramps. The flavour is so refreshing #summerkahero
#fitness #health #training
#workout #gym #fitlife
#fastandupindia #sportdrink #stayhydrated #healthylifestyle'

Take a look at all the love, just search the hashtag #summerkahero on instagram
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Tarun Kathuria

-Expert and Writer

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