How to cope with Work from Home & Covid induced Stress

Published : Jun 22, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Work from Home & Covid induced Stress

    The second wave of the covid-19 pandemic has had an even larger impact on our lives. It has caused many challenges leading to stress and mental breakdown among minors as well as adults. The safety measures like maintaining social distance are needed to stay away from the virus but what it also does is that it keeps you isolated from your friends, family and society. Add to that the pressure of balancing work life with home chores makes it even difficult for anyone to cope up with it and many fall behind the race due to mental health issues.

    Let us learn few measures that people can apply in their lives to cope with work from home and covid induced stress –

    1. Try to Maintain a Balanced Schedule

    Maintaining a daily schedule and noting down tasks you want to achieve in the entire day will help you be better organized and prepared for the entire day which will eventually prevent stress and depression. This will help you to make effective use of your time and balance home chores with WFH and other activities easily. Do not get into the habit of procrastinating the work, as it will lead to stress later when everything is messed up.

    2. Separate Work & Life Activities

    Setting boundaries between work and personal life is of utmost importance now. WFH has led to mixing up of both and eventually one takes over the other leading to imbalance. Try to stay away from distraction and work at a dedicated place. Manage your time and take frequent breaks to break out of stress but make sure that these breaks do not become a habit, which later cause complications. 

    Separate Work & Life Activities

    3. Maintain Health with Good Nutrition & Daily Exercise

    Health maintenance should be of utmost priority to all. Make sure you exercise daily or practice yoga or meditation. This will help you reduce cortisol levels and help increase positive mood. At the same time, support your health with a good and nutrient-dense diet. Following a good diet will help stay physically active and help you nourish your body with all the required nutrients to enable it function at its best.

    4. Avoid Working From Your Bed

    You should try to avoid working from your bed or bedroom as the place has many associations with sleep and relaxation. It makes you lethargic to work which makes it difficult for you to focus your attention on it. Bed is a place to sleep and relax and you should not disturb the vibe by working at the same place.

    5. Take Regular Breaks and Socialize through Calls

    Following guidelines is a necessity to stay safe but it also leads to isolation, which in turn may lead to depression. Make sure you take regular breaks to socialize. Connect over a video call or voice call rather than chatting. Such engagements will help your stay socially connected and cope with the stress of loneliness. Make the first move to reach out to your friend, as it will help you stay happy and healthy. 

    Take Regular Breaks and Socialize through Calls

    6. Helps Others to Cope with Stress

    You are not the only one who is coping with stress due to the present situation. Your friend, family member, neighbor or any other known person may be facing equal stress as you do and in such a scenario, helping them to come out of it will boost your morale and give you a sense of pleasure. You can share all the measures mentioned above to help them in their stress relief journey.

    Long working hours and managing home is difficult. Try using these techniques to help cope with stress. Make sure you relax well by getting sound sleep. Restful sleep helps rejuvenate and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Nutrition supplements that have Magnesium as their main component can help you in getting good sleep and bust stress. Take magnesium supplements daily half an hour before bed to sleep well.


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