Step For India- Sunfeast India Run As one

Step For India- Sunfeast India Run As one

The unprecedented global pandemic affected the nation and its livelihood. The unfortunate cessation it placed on our economy has left millions of Indians in disadvantaged circumstances.

The number of people who have been affected stands around a dismal figure of 140 million people across India. But in the spirit of resilience and solidarity Procam International & Sunfeast India came together with a noble initiative that has now successfully transformed into the single largest indian-citizen movement to restart livelihoods!

In their own words - “The Sunfeast India Run As One will effectively galvanize Indians and Indophiles from around the globe towards participating in creating social impact through a unique virtual platform. With no geographic or physical barriers, people from any part of the world can show solidarity by registering and contributing to the cause. This Independence Day it’s time to Get Involved. Walk, jog or run, every step counts.”

For the purpose of clarifying any doubts, let’s take a closer look at what and how you can register and participate in this stirring event that propels positive change through every step of the way.

Participation Categories

You can choose to be a Change Maker, Change Leader or a Change Champion. Every participant of Sunfeast India Run As One will be given exciting personal merchandise select to the tier of participation chosen.

Fast&up Sunfeast India Run as One

Step for India- Sunfeast India Run as One

This includes Fast&Up merchandise and products as we will be giving exciting gifts to participants! Sign up and stand a chance to win!

Registration Queries

Everyone Can Be A Part of This Cause!

All you have to do is record your fitness activity on a given fitness app and count your miles starting this Independence Day, on 15th August 2020.So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Sunfeast India Run As One and register to help India get moving on its feet again!

Fast&Up is thrilled to be the Official Energy Drink for the run, and wishes the best to one and all participating in this honourable event!

India Runs As One

With scores of people joining- from novice runners to marathoning legends like Eliud Kipchoge- the world is running in tandem with India to uplift the disadvantaged people who have suffered from the unfortunate few months after the breakout of the Novel Coronavirus.

Step for India- Sunfeast India Run as One

Click here to register.

Click here to know more about the Official Energy Drink of Sunfeast India Run As One.

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