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5 Expert Diet Tips to Stay Healthy during Holi

Celebrate a Happy and Healthy Holi

Happy Holi 2021

Celebrating Holi is always fun due to the colours, water, sweets, meeting friends and family and delicious food. However, playing Holi in such uncertain times calls for precaution and safety as the first and foremost important measures to ensure you stay healthy and safe. While most of you follow many tips for skin and hair, here are a few diet tips for healthcare which will help you enjoy Holi in a healthy way –

1.Stay Hydrated

Holi comes in the month of March and the temperatures are already soaring high. In such a scenario, you should keep yourself hydrated, otherwise soon you will start getting muscle cramps and get exhausted. Get your electrolytes before, during and after you play with colours. Also, avoid tea and coffee to stay hydrated and eat fruits, drink juices, etc. to stay hydrated and healthy. 

Stay Hydrate During Holi - Fast&Up

2.Eat a Protein-rich Diet

The best diet during festivals is the one which consists of low sugar and is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber. This will keep you full for a longer time and provide you with the extra energy required while playing with colours. While you may not be able to stop yourself from eating sweets and other delicacies, having a check and control on your calorie will be beneficial.

3.Don’t forget to Exercise

Holi involves a lot of physical exertion when you play with colours as you run a lot. What you also do a lot is eat more calories in the form of sweets and other food items. Going for a run/ walk or hitting the gym will help you burn the extra calories that you had consumed and will keep you in good shape. Holi Day or Holiday, exercise is a must.

4.Eat Fresh Home-made Food

Eat Fresh Home-made Food During Holi - Fast&Up

Eating fresh home-made food will be the best option instead of ordering food items from outside. Home cooked food is healthy and safe. Many times packaged food items turn out to be expired and prove dangerous to health and well-being. Checking the expiry date is a must-do exercise. Having Home-made food will keep you safe from any potential harm and ensure your health and safety as well.

5.Sleep Well to Recover Fast

After an eventful and hectic day, it is important to rest and restore and a sound sleep will be perfect to end the day. A good sleep will help you calm down and relax allowing your body to recover fast and be ready for the normal dynamic lifestyle. A deep and restful sleep is the best measure to fight stress and keeps you in a healthy and positive state of mind.

These diet tips will make sure that your Holi is healthy yet joyous and colourful. Celebrating festivals with taking care of your health is what many people aim for. Make sure that you play in a safe environment and keep your friends and family safe and healthy too. Playing with natural colours is the best way to celebrate the festival of colours and do save water as water is life.

Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer