Sports Performance and Recovery

Sports Performance and Recovery

If you are an athlete, you are primarily concerned with maximizing performance through the power of nutrition. Now, how does one do that? What are the supplements one needs to consider to electrify your workout and enhance performance? Let us take a brief overview of supplements that will ensure this:


Probiotics serve the body and tighten your healthy gut with healthy flora that supplies you with ideal digestion, absorption, elimination, and immune function as well. 

Sports Performance and Recovery: Top 6 Supplements for Athletes

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Famous for its anti-inflammatory properties it is also vital for muscle repair, brain health, and muscle soreness. You should choose these omega- 3- high in EPA and DHA supplements.


Known for its muscle enhancing and protein synthesis boosting qualities, as well as preventing muscle soreness. It is advised by most trainers to use post workout supplements to enhance performance during training and performance.


It is verifiably the most suggested advice and there is a good reason. Protein gives your muscles the necessary building blocks to build muscle/strength and prevent muscle wasting, especially when consumed after a workout.

Sports Performance and Recovery: Top 6 Supplements for Athletes


Glutamine is an amino acid that quickens recovery by forcing the muscles to intake carbohydrates more easily after your workout. It also increases growth hormone, therefore allowing the body to build and store new muscle mass. Definitely, check out these post-workout supplements to elevate your results to where you want it.


This is one of the most popular drinks for athletes, as it stimulates muscle growth, boosts recovery and supplements increased strength.

These are 6 drinks you can incorporate into your daily workout as an athlete to maximize performance and heighten training. Nutrition is an integral part of being an athlete, so click here to begin your journey of active nutrition.


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