Sports Nutrition for Busy Families and Busy Lifestyles

Published : Nov 08, 2019
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    A sit-down meal seems impossible at times for busy families and making sure that a meal is healthy feels seems to be an even bigger challenge.

    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles


    Small frequent meals and snacks. Try to spread calories throughout the day and avoid large meals. If your entire day is spent outdoors, taking food with you is an ideal option. No matter how long you will be out for, always have a piece of fruit or a healthy sandwich with you. Eating every 3 hours will help to keep your blood sugar steady and also decrease overeating at mealtimes.

    Healthy snacks in the car are fine! Don't forget about apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and other fruit that also comes pre-packaged in a single serving size. While fruits can be high in sugar, they also offer other nutritional components that are required by busy child athletes. Other good snack ideas include dried fruit and nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and unsweetened applesauce.

    Have a fueling and hydration plan. Young children who participate in light activities lasting 1 hour or less may not need to snack before and after exercise. Rather, help these children focus on good nutrition every day. Fast&Up Reload is an instant hydration drink that boosts your energy levels. Not just that it also helps maintain electrolyte balance. Older, more active kids may benefit from some of the fueling and hydration approaches mentioned below.

    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles

    Before Exercise: Around 3-4 hours before exercise, an athlete should eat mostly carbohydrates with a moderate amount of protein. This small meal should be low in fiber and fat, as these can cause an upset stomach. Drinking an additional 6-8 ounces directly before exercise will be helpful.

    Fast&Up Activate is a pre-workout energy drink that helps boost performance by increasing energy levels and stamina. It helps increase the flow of blood which enhances oxygen availability to muscle cells.

    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles

    During Exercise: Hydrating is important during exercise. Encourage your child to have a small amount of fluid every 15 minutes. For activities less than an hour, water is sufficient. For activities lasting longer than 1-2 hours, or in very hot environments, hydration supplements can help replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes. Fast&Up BCAA is a post-workout drink. It promotes muscle strength, recovery and endurance level of your body.

    They help stimulate protein synthesis in muscles while you train and compete.
    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles

    After Exercise: Within 30-60 minutes after exercise, it's important to replenish any fluids lost and to refuel with an appropriate source of energy. Focusing on a snack that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins will help rebuild and restore muscles. Chocolate milk is an excellent example of a recovery drink. Fast&Up Recover is a muscle recovery supplement that has 20 essential Vegetarian Amino Acids. It promotes instant muscle protein synthesis. It also helps reduce muscle breakdown, fatigue and weakness.

    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles
    Find the energy balance. Athletes need more energy during times when they are more active than normal. Encourage and plan specifically for extra food and fueling during these periods. Fast&Up Energy Gels are instant energy gels. They are the greatest source of carbohydrate supplementation because of their convenience and ease of the digestive system. They are the best option because they are not “heavy on the stomach” and are unlikely to cause gastrointestinal distress.

    Sports Nutrition for busy families and Busy Lifestyles


    The busy schedules of our families' means that many nights we are not all home at the same time to have a nice, sit-down dinner. Dump the guilt. Family meals may not happen every day and that's completely okay! Make the most of your family meals don’t have to be dinner. Why not make your family meal breakfast? It is more likely that everyone will be home at the same time early in the morning, which means it is easier to get everyone around the table for some healthy food and family bonding.

    Another way is the meal plan. Now, this may look challenging but the right strategy can help you put together food that are not only healthy but also appealing. A well-balanced diet provides a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats with essential micronutrients—calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, and antioxidants like vitamin C. These are all important for bone health and immune function. Eating either too many or not enough calories can contribute to fatigue, injuries, illness, poor performance, and prolonged recovery from sports injuries

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