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Why pros use hydrating sports drinks

For any athlete remotely passionate about their sport, it is of utmost importance that they perform to the best of their abilities at all times. However, the human body has its needs and limitations, which is where our sport drinks come in.

We make our sport drinks with an ideal combination of sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes for optimal performance. The various constituents contribute to replenishing nutrients lost through sweat and bodily fluids after an intense session of sports.

Healthy components
Our experts have spent hours of research to perfect the sports drink that healthily gives an athlete's body everything it would ever would require to perform when the time comes.

A unique mix of sodium, potassium and chlorides helps maintain the precise electrolyte balance in your body. We have added vitamins D3 and C as well as calcium to our sport drinks so that t post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness are remedied. Often this also contributes towards preventing widespread vitamin deficiency in the general population.

How the body responds
We can get you in tip-top shape without any unnatural sugar boosts. The maltodextrin and fructose compound in a 2:1 ratio in our sport drinks will do wonders in a healthy way, unlike other drinks on the market.

We have skillfully blended together just the right amount of antioxidants, electrolytes and carbohydrates to coax your body back into operation to its full potential. Our formula ensures quick hydration which prevents muscle cramps.

The taste and electrolytes present in our drinks utilize the thirst mechanism and encourages fluid intake. This results in the body responding by absorbing more of the salts, vitamins and carbohydrates present and retaining more fluid.

Convenient and tasty!
Our sport drinks are even made to be convenient and easy to carry around. Just drop it in a glass of water and drink! The effervescent nature of it also helps prevent gastrointestinal difficulties during workouts.

All of this is made possible with least possible amounts of sugar. There is no doubt our sports drinks are the most rejuvenating and healthy ones around!