Spectrum Racing - Stretching the Limits

Spectrum Racing - Stretching the Limits

If you spot a peloton of cyclists in blue and pink jerseys near Hoskote or doing repeats on Nandi (their training ground), remember you are witnessing some of the best, powerful and technically correct riders mostly training for their next race. They definitely reflect an extraordinary passion for cycling characterized by they're massive know-how of the sport and strong performances in the races! 1

Spectrum Racing team, an amateur cycling team that was formed in 2010 by a few Bangalore cyclists has been competing in the city-level amateur cycle racing scene over the last couple of years. This includes Bangalore Amateur Race (BAR), Bangalore Bicycle Championships (BBC) and races conducted by the Student's Foundation for Sports (SFS). They have also been frequently traveling to different cities in the country to take part in the races and train on different terrains. In addition to this, several team riders have raced in the Giro Delle Dolomiti in Italy and a couple of riders have qualified and raced in the World Masters Championships held every year. This year in May, five of the team riders will be racing in the Tour of Friendship in Thailand! Spectrum Racing team- a happy bunch of riders who started off as jovial weekend riders take cycling as a serious business now! The team primarily takes part in road races - mass start road race, individual time trials or team time trials. The team roster consists of 15 riders (men and women) in Bangalore, coming from different walks of life with busy schedules. They race in diverse categories like the open as well as the masters.


Spectrum Racing team has participated in the below international events:

  • Giro Delle Dolomiti, 2014 & 2015
  • UWCT Dubai and Brazil, 2014
  • Charly Gaul Gran Fondo, 2015
  • UWCT Finals, Aalborg, 2015
  • Tour of Friendship, May 2016
Apart from racing, the Spectrum Racing team is also actively involved in helping organize and grow racing in Bangalore through the auspices of Bangalore Amateur Racing.


A cyclist's or any athlete's optimal performance, for that matter, is dependent upon more than just hard training. Adequate hydration and nutrition enable the body to perform better and recuperate efficiently from the previous day's work out. It could play as critical a role as the difference between winning and finishing second. Spectrum Racing Team relies on Fast and Up products for a big chunk of their nutrition and hydration needs. As per the feedback, Fast&Up products have effectively helped the team members battle chronic cramp issues successfully and thus enabling them to focus on achieving their racing goals. Cyclists feel it is easy to carry the fast and up products while on the go, like the gels and reload tabs which imply fewer stops in the middle of the long training rides without a support vehicle following them.


'I have been participating in TFN as a rider and blogger for the last five successive years. But in 2015, I happened to use the Fast and Up products for the first time as they were one of the nutrition partners for the event last year. I felt that I was able to recover much better this year despite having very little sleep like every year due to my blogging commitments after the ride every day. I went on to finish first in Masters Category and attribute much of my success to the Fast and Up products that helped me stay on top of my nutritional and hydration needs during the long and tiring tour.'
~ Bikey Venky
'Although I've been cycling and training for over 5 years now it took me a lot of understanding and experimentation to figure out the right mix of nutrition and hydration. Fast and Up magically arrived on the scene last year and made things so simple! The ease of use, ready availability and its wonderful taste make it my first choice for all my rides. The range of products is really amazing too. My favorite has to be Activate which tastes great and perks you up, all ready for a hard workout. With the upcoming Bangalore road race season and the Tour of Friendship, I'm truly hoping that I will be Fast and Up (on the podium)!'
~ Dr. Arvind Bhateja (About the Author - Geeta Bisht is an amateur runner and cyclist and fitness enthusiast. Based in Bangalore she also contributes as a freelance writer)