Sonali Mahant - Balancing Work and Running

Sonali Mahant - Balancing Work and Running

Sonali Mahant- A realtor keeping herself fitter with running in addition to the ‘running’ part of her job

If you have met any realtor you know how hectic their days normally are. Running from places to places, meeting several new people every day and then roaming around in sun, that’s something people find exhausting in itself. Imagine, pursuing running as an added task, out of a sheer passion for it, and that too in Delhi which is known for its extreme weather.

Sonali Mahant is one such exception. She has participated in various half marathons and various age groups long-distance events.

How she got into marathon

Sonali says she was a fitness freak and wanted to run a half marathon to tick it off the bucket list. She was into running in school and that helped in her first half marathon, as finished on the podium at the IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2017. She completed the race in 1 hour 39 minutes and 47 seconds.

Athlete in School

Sonali is another example of a bright athlete student from her school, who missed playing and doing other activities after school. However, she realized she couldn’t give this up and restarted running a few years ago.

Balancing work and running

Sonali feels it becomes easier if you have a partner with a similar mindset and helps you in your journey. Both her work as well as running is very close to her heart. One takes care of her body and the other looks after her mind and though they are both independent they go hand and hand.


The 35-year old is another example of people saying age is just a number. She claims running opened a lot of dimensions that she could go an explore and it re-energized her. She says one should enjoy the process.

She says the days started getting better since she started running and working out in the morning. There was no sign of stress, tiredness and other unnecessary things that creep into people’s minds and lives.

She wakes up early and tries to run 5-6 times a week. She met her husband while running. They train together and workout together.
She hasn’t been running too much post marriage because of added responsibilities. However, she recently finished 2nd in her age group in the 10k run in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019.


She avoids eating outside as she considers nutrition as very important. She doesn’t eat just to meet the calorie requirement. Sonali says running strong is more important than running fast. Overeating and over-ambition are the primary reasons for injuries.


She uses reload and recover products of Fast&Up. She says because of extreme conditions in Delhi mornings after training are usually are very exhausting and she needs to recover fast to prepare for the day ahead. She says Fast&Up helps her in that.

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