Published : Dec 04, 2018
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    About Soldierathon Marathon

    The Soldierathon Marathon was initiated by Major Dr Surendra Poonia. Soldierathon Marathon is scheduled on 16 December 2018, which is Vijay Diwas. The purpose of the run is to unite and commemorate to all those Indian Soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

    The Soliderathon Marathon is an “In and Out” run which goes around to a turnaround point, then takes a reverse and comes back again from the opposite side of the same road up to the same line they started from. This is the second year of the run, the first edition was a resounding success and the initiative cause was something millions in our country identified with.

    Soldierathon 2.0 

    Soldierathon Marathon Details


            3K Soldier Spirit Run

            5K Veer Run

            10K Mahaveer Run

            21.1K Half Marathon


          Above 12 years.


    Apart from the basic information on Soldierathon Marathon, we would like to share some health tips that can help you ace your race.

    The countdown has begun, and your body needs more energy,

    To balance the energy level, diet, sleep, and energy gels are the three essentials.  

          Diet because the food we eat converts into energy. 

          Sound Sleep because your body needs rest as well.

          Energy Gels is the need of the hour when you are running, and energy gel gives you instant energy.

    Fast&up Energy Gels: Solve Your Energy Crisis 

    Along with energy, the other essential is hydration. It is imperative to nourish your body with electrolytes. Keep on rehydrating your body in regular intervals. And for that, we have got you covered because Fast&Up is the official energy and hydration partner with Soldierathon Marathon!

    Reload is the flagship hydration product of Fast&Up.

    Fast&Up Reload: Hydrate Clean With Reload

    Reload is now Informed-Choice Certified, which is means that it is certified as all banned substances free. The Informed Choice Certified program is a certification program which ensures that the sports product is all banned substances free. Reload is in the form of an effervescent tablet. You just need to DROP. FIZZ. DRINK to ace your race!

    Drop one effervescent tablet in the glass of 250mL of water, let the tablet release the fizz and your refreshing hydration drink is ready. If you consumer 700 mL to 1 L of water, you can add up to 3 tablets. You don’t need to worry about having too much, whatever electrolytes are not required by your body, they will be flushed out from your system either as sweat or urine.

    Fast&Up Reload is the perfect blend of electrolytes, Carbohydrates and Antioxidants helps your body maintain fluid balance and rehydrate your body. The Vitamin D3 and Calcium content in Reload help relieve muscle exhaustion, and Vitamin C content in it helps to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. Reload is low on sugar and high on replenishment, making it a better hydration supplement that traditional energy drinks.

    Let your body intake quality energy drink and hydration products before you hit the wall so that can smash the wall instead!

    SOLDIERATHON Event Details 


    EVENT DATE: 16th December 2018

    PLACE: Delhi Nehru Stadium



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