World Social Media Day - June 30, 2019

Social Media Day: Post, Express, Like and Share

‘To every Action, there is equal and opposite instantaneous Reaction’, this quote was applied only in science until one fine day Social Media arrived and changed the way in which this law was perceived. Nowadays, as soon as you do the action of posting a picture on any platform there is a reaction in the form of like your friends and followers. Social Media has certainly revolutionised life.

Social Media Day: Post, Express, Like and Share

There was a time when people used to eat food as soon as the order was delivered and now this has been replaced by clicking a picture of the food and posting the same on the story. This has become the new trend with people going on the social media platform to express their happiness related to any event. At the same time, it is being used as a platform to raise awareness about any cause and bring to the notice of the society that what is the need of the hour.

Social Media Day: Post, Express, Like and Share

30th June is celebrated as the World Social Media Day to recognise the importance of the role Social Media plays in our society and how it has connected us all together. Enjoying this day will be great the following activities –

• Post, Post and Keep Posting

Social Media is entertaining because of the posts people upload. This makes Social Media real fun. Post, tweet about Fast&Up and how it has been beneficial for your overall performance improvement or just go live.

• Tagging People

Tagging people is so much fun. Especially when you have memes to share and laugh about with your friends. This makes is what makes your bond strong with your friend. You can create a similarly strong bond with your health by associating yourself with Fast&Up.

• Stay Connected

The whole purpose of Social Media is to connect people even as they are in some random corner of the world. Sharing memes, sending snaps, messaging and tagging, all this keeps you connected with your friends and family.

Social Media Day: Post, Express, Like and Share

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Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer