Summer Essentials for Travel, Essentials for Your Summer Holiday Plans

Six Essentials for Your Summer Holiday Plans

Summer is rapidly approaching and it's that time of the year when we have big summer holiday plans with family, friends to explore and venture new destinations. With the sun shining bright, everyone's excited to travel big. Wherever your plan is for this summer, here are five essentials you MUST carry in your luggage!

Sunscreen Lotion or a Sun Block Lotion

While a little sun can be good for your skin too much of it can be harmful and it is important to keep the skin protected with a good sunscreen lotion at all times. Make sure you carry it no matter whether you go to the mountains, or to the beaches for your trip and also re-apply it every two hours!sunscreen

Keep yourself hydrated

Travelling during summers should always be accompanied with enough hydration. Your body needs constant refuel, as it loses about 2-3 litres of water on a hot day including important salts. In order to replenish this and make your water tastier, you can add flavours to them and this also gives you a good boost of energy. You can shop a #FastandUp Reload hereHydrate your self

Carry summer accessories

Don't forget to carry a good pair of sunglasses, a light but long scarf and an umbrella to protect yourselves from the harsh sunrays. While sunscreen protects your skin, these accessories provide you a bit of shade and comfort from the scorching heat. Also, they look great with your summer outfits!Fashion woman essentials, cosmetics, makeup accessories

Wear comfortable clothesbeach

Keep it light by carrying/wearing loose cotton fabrics that are not skin tight and are easy breezy, that also let you easily move and dance in! Whether they're light neutral colours or bright summer pops, pair your casual comfy tees or tops with linen bottoms, light denims or shorts.

A good camera or a video cameracamera shot

Capturing happy summer moments and keeping them as memories is something we all want to do! This summer, don't forget to carry a good camera or a video camera to freeze those special moments with friends and family and keep them with you forever.

E-O-D Recover!

Sightseeing, roaming and exploring out in the scorching sun will get you tired by the end of the day. It is important to de-stress yourself and be ready to for another adventure the next day. The best source for this is a Fast&Up Recover, which will help you get rid of your tiredness and recharge yourself for the next day!Strawberry-Infused-Multivitamin

So, guys and girls, summers are almost here which means happy days have arrived! We hope these tips helped and let us know if you have some essentials to add to this list. Happy Holiday-ing!Happy Holiday-ing

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