Simple Tips to Boost your Health during Monsoon

Simple Tips to Boost your Health during Monsoon

While the monsoon season is all about joy, happiness, respite from summer, but it is brings with it with the danger of illness, diseases caused by Bacteria and Viruses. There is lot of temperature fluctuations, water pollution, food contamination which ultimately contributes to spread of diseases. Also during monsoon our immune system is weak and more susceptible to infections or disease.

With the current situation and monsoon season, it is important to maintain immunity. It is not quite complicated, it is as simple as taking correct precautionary measures at right time in right way. Read more to know how can you stay safe and healthy in monsoon.

Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated, when it comes to rainy season people feel less thirsty and hence do not consume enough water throughout the day which is not good for the body and results in dehydration. One can increase the fluid intake by increasing water based fruits, Vegetables or hydration drinks.

Make Intelligent Food Choices: Avoid consuming excess junk or aerated drinks. Always try to add more green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and fibre rich foods. Also avoid spicy and salty foods as it results in water retention that ultimately results in bloating. 

Lifestyle habits: Avoid consuming Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages & Smoking (nicotine exposure). One must also avoid Second-hand exposure to smoke as it may trigger asthma attacks and may als aggrevate symptoms in people with allergies.

Sleep: For best functioning of human body one needs to get at least 8 hours of sleep per day. With changing lifestyle habits and stress, people are deprived of stress. One best way to get restorative sleep is by adding Magnesium rich foods or Magnesium supplements on regular basis.

Physical activity: Make sure you participate in some or other physical activities on regular basis. Physical activity helps to boost immune system. Any physical exercise increases the body temperature which helps to fight infections.

Personal hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene, wash your hands with water and sopa or with sanitizers on regular basis, as bacteria and other pathogens multiple fast in monsoon season. Always take a bath or shower once you get soaked in rains.

Stress: Stress is the biggest enemy of immunity. Do not stress over any problems. All problems have a solution. Scientific studies suggest chronic stress can have negative impact on body.

Bottom Line

With the current unlock down scenario and monsoon starting it is important to maintain immunity and optimum health.