Shefali Verma – The Youngest NextGen Cricket Icon's Journey From Rohtak to Sydney

Published : Mar 05, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

    The rising cricket star has won the hearts of Indians and the world across by giving incredible and power-packed accomplishments on the ground. Shefali hails from a small city of Rohtakwhere she began to play for the U-16 Haryana team belonging to a renowned cricket academy. A girl with a fire in her belly, she did not stop moving ahead even when she was denied to join the boys' training squad. She decided to play along with them and went for practice along with her brother in disguise.

    Her father became strong support through which she battled the toughest trials facing the male bowlers initially. He stood by her side like a pillar despite being from a middle-class family and running a small jewellery shop. As her coach admits that she smacked several hits and left the boys of the U-19 bowlers team, awestruck at one point of time. Shafali's father found out women's training academy, and she joined, to begin with, her career. Daily she would do an 8 km run by cycle as a part of the practice. She played for U-16 Ranji Trophy and showcased her burning passion for the game through her impeccable acts. 

    For a player like Shafali who is set to hit big and play a bold brand of cricket, regular intake of nutrition and energy supplements becomes essential. It's a matter of pride to know that she consumes Fast&Up products like BCAA and Reload to build on and sustain her muscle power and exercising ability. Her regular usage of these supplements has improved her performances at a world-class level. 

    Shafali's career graph took a high rise when she got selected straight into the T20 women's national championships. She scored third highest in the match and played well enough to win against Nagaland. For her, there was a long way to go. It was her dedication and rigorous training done day and night incessantly, she once again got chosen for women's T20I challenge. In September 2019, she was called up to be in the Indian team T20I against South Africa and made a debut into international cricket play. In November 2019, she made a half-century score against West Indies in the series. 

    Fearless and unperturbed, she made the game look astonishingly easy. She went on to hit impressive strikes during the match and scored plentiful runs. She striked six fours and four sixes in the first match against West Indies to help 84-run win. In another match, she mastered her play and scored 35 of 69 balls with 10 fours and 2 sixes. With these mind-blowing performances, she registered a score of 50 in the international cricket match. Her total score came to 158 runs in five matches. Later, she was named as the player of the series. 

    Currently, she has accumulated 485 runs in 18 matches at T20I, with an average strike rate of 146.97. She has smacked in total 58 fours and 21 sixes so far. Not only that, she is the first one to surpass the record of Sachin Tendulkar's maiden fifty at his age of 16, by making fierce fifty runs just at the age of 15 years on a foreign soil. She stands to be the youngest cricketer to hit that kind of a record. 

    Within a concise span of her career, Shafalinow is privileged to become the opening batsman, teamed up with SmritiMandhana. She fiercely rattles the opposition with smashing hits and strikes. Such a commendable performance and back to back success was only made possible due to her unflinching determination to work hard on herself to meet the goals. Her practice sessions went more tiresome and rigorous, but Shafaligot incredibly transformed into perfect player post-training. 

    Daily, fierce players like Shafali and other such sportspeople would look upon for a quality brand of supplements that would boost their energies and sustain their work out capacities. With more training sessions, you need to pump-in more energy and regain your muscular strength. Various supplements for hydration, pre-workout, during workout and post-workout, are essentially required. For a brand game like cricket, young players would push-in for a blend of healthy and energy supplements. Fast&Up makes Shafali act on her goals consistently without and physical strains and muscular cramps. Apart from BCAA and Reload, products like Recover, Pre-workout, Glautamine Muscle recovery, and Activate kicks in fast recovery of muscles. 

    With such unstoppable practice and training sessions with the help of a reliable energy supplement brand, and her hard work and diligence towards her game as well, paid off. Shafali's career bloomed when she was selected in January 2020 as a team member in the India's squad for T20 ICC World Cup Tournament in Australia. The BCCI awarded her a central contract. 

    Post the T20I, Shafali was called for India A squad for the Australian tour. The tour enabled a lot of aspiring cricketers like Shafali to make up the mark by playing with a variety of players in Australian conditions. She could not win the game although, but nevertheless, she scored 124, 46, and 9 runs in the consecutive matches. She took the entire trip positively and is determined to correct her mistakes by relentless practices at the net. Her exercises and workouts also would play an important role here while she looks upon to win the T20 World Cup ahead. 

    An essential part of a sportsperson like Shafali is to keep going and fuelling your body with more power and vibrancy. Her commendable success stories can also be a part of your life. All you need is to look into the right kind of food and supplements which would enhance your muscle power and prevent injuries. 

    Shafali takes the pride of winning the international game, and when we look at her now, the new Shafali is much leaner and fitter as compared to her Rohtak chubby and big built-up look. Getting trained at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) with the Indian team, presently, she is undergoing an arduous training regime with a lot of dietary restrictions. 

    We wish her All the very best for her incredible journey ahead! 






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