Published : May 05, 2017
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    I am a Mom, what is your superpower?

    Motherday-2017-Nutrition supplements for women

    Nutrition is different for for every stage of motherhood. Mother?s day is near and this year we are focusing on Mom?s health. Appropriate nutrition is essential in order to keep up with a mother?s day-to-day activities. Take a look for a quick guide to diet & nutrition for your stage of motherhood. Moms-to-be For Moms-to-be it is important to ensure your diet consists of balanced portions that are full of nutrients from all food groups. Your daily intake of protein, calcium, iron and folate should increase to support your growing bundle. Fast&Up Tip:?It can be difficult to manage pregnancy cravings and aversions while maintaining an ideal diet, it?s important to get those nutrients daily. Supplements such as Fast&Up Fortify?are a great way to make sure that you?re taking in everything your baby may need without having to follow a land-mine that can be a diet plan! New Moms - 20s Keeping up with your energetic little ones is exhausting and managing your busy schedule is a bit like shuffling a growing deck of cards. It?s easy to forget to eat, let alone make sure each meal includes the vitamins and nutrients that are going to keep you feeling your best during busy days.

    • Calci(yum) is essential in your 20s, before you lose the ability to build your bone density. As you age your bones absorb less of the calcium you eat. It is a good idea to consider supplements such as Fast&Up Fortify if you?re worried about bone health or have a family history of bone disease. Exercise is also key to building the bones you need to chase after those little pitter-pattering feet for years to come.
    • Oh!-mega 3: Many of us already know about the beauty benefits of Omega-3 it can hydrate your skin to reduce wrinkles and blemishes while strengthening your strands & giving your hair shine. Omega-3 works wonders for your insides to by improving heart health, reducing chances of stroke, lupus, cancer, high blood pressure and arthritis.
    Fast&Up Tip: You can?t always cook elaborate meals & veggies every night. Try some meal prepping on a slow weekend to set you up for productive, clean, & healthy eating for the week ahead. BUSY BEE THIRTY - 30s Keeping up with family, health, & beauty -?30s are a pretty pivotal time in life for many reasons and hence really it is important to take care of your health. In your 30s you?ll start to lose bone density, and your metabolism slows so it is important to not only stay active but also make sure that the calories you?re taking offer more at less!
    • Keep Up That Calcium: In your 30s your bones will slow down it?s absorption of calcium from what you eat, but make sure there is plenty to be absorbed by having calcium in your diet regularly via food or supplements such as Fast&Up Fortify
    • Stay Energized: Your metabolism may slow down in your 30s but your lifestyle won?t. Keep up your energy with nuts, lean protein and leafy greens.
    Fast&Up Tip:?Pair your healthy diet with aerobic weight bearing exercises to keep your bones dense and strong ? If you don?t use it, you lose it! RETENTION & PREVENTION - 40s Let?s be honest, 40 is the new 30!
    • Your body may slow down it?s calcium absorption, but keep ensuring you feed your body enough Calciumto stay fierce!
    • Vitamin Dis important for your bones in younger years but also helps bolster immunity and has been linked to lower risk for several diseases.
    Fast&Up Tip:
    • (Mg)nigicient - ?Magnesium is an important supplement addition in your 40s because it helps to regulate blood pressure, and prevent or manage heart diseases.
    • B-Beautiful:As a younger adult your body can easily get your daily requirements of B12 from the food you eat, but your body slows down B12 absorption in your 40s and 50s. To keep up your B12 levels & support normal blood and brain function it?s best to add a B12 supplement to your routine in your 40s.
    HOT MAMA- 50s You may not be as active in your fifties, but caring for your family ? kids and maybe grandkids especially ? also requires focusing on your own health so you never miss a step. ?You?ll need to keep up the good nutritional work you?ve been doing in your 30s & 40s while cutting calorie intake down another notch. Supplement Your Healthcare:?Calcium supplements for bone health such as Fast&Up Fortify, vitamin D for immunity, and vitamin C for tissue repair will help make her healthcare regimen more effective. From our family to yours: Happy Mother?s Day! For all that Moms do, we hope you have a healthy & joyous holiday.

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