Shafali Verma The New Star On The Indian Sky

Published : Mar 05, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    "I am really excited to play the T20 World Cup. The team is backed by good experience and we are well-prepared for the challenge. I would also like to thank Fast&Up who have consistently backed us. We received our Fast&Up kit and we are all geared up."

    That's Shafali Verma the new cricket sensation, the new pin up girl of Indian women's cricket team. Speaking about their preparations just before embarking on their mission. This youngest member of the Indian Women's Cricket team who made her T20 International debut last year on Thursday, the 16-year-old won her second 'Player of the Match' award in three games at the ongoing Women's T20 World Cup. Her 34-ball 46 against New Zealand took India to their third win in three games ensuring the semi-final spot.

    Shefali who has scored 114 runs in the tournament, at the age of 16 has set a new record because she is the only player to have ever scored more runs at a higher strike rate of 172.72 at a single World Cup.

    Shafali Verma becomes the woman with the highest strike-rate in the tournament. She hit the first six of the Women's T20 World Cup for India against hosts Australia. in Sydney on Friday Feb/ 28/ 2020 at this tender age of 16 years. She has scored 438 runs at a strike-rate of 147.97 .

    The official handle of the T20 World Cup posted the stat on Twitter and captioned the post as: "Highest career strike rates in women's T20Is (min. 200 runs)--Shafali Verma - 438 runs at 147.97, Chloe Tryon - 722 runs at 138.31, Alyssa Healy - 1,875 runs at 129.66, the 16-year-old is top of the tree".

    Virender Sehwag tweeted:

    "Wah bhai Wah ! Great effort by the girls to hold on to their nerves and beat New Zealand and qualify for the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup. Shafali Verma is a rockstar. Anand aa raha hai ladkiyon ka performance dekhne mein."

    After the game, she credited her father for her batting and for giving her the opportunity.

    Her love and passion for cricket got ignited when she saw Sachin Tendulkar play his last domestic match at Lahli something clicked inside her and she made cricket her mission as well as her passion.

    It’s commendable that she bettered the record set by her idol Sachin Tendulkar to become the youngest Indian to score an international half-century, surpassing a 30-year-old record held by Tendulkar, who was 16 when he made his maiden Test half-century.

    Shafali made her debut in India's senior women's cricket team a T20I against South Africa in September last year. A few weeks later, she travelled to the West Indies and became the youngest Indian to score an international half-century.

    Her story and entrance into the cricket world is like a scene from any popular Bollywood movie. She cut her hair short and dressed like a boy disguising herself as her own brother to play cricket with the boys, because all she wanted to do was, play and to be born a girl in Haryana requires a lot of guts and dedication to foray into a male bastion.

    She was lucky to have parents who supported her in this endeavor understanding her love and passion for the game . They did have to face a lot of hurdles from society but where there is a will and where there are supportive parents there will always be a paved path. Despite the numerous struggles her father believes that Shafali's dedication and brave attitude will encourage other girls to take up the sport and he has hopes pinned on his younger daughter Nancy too who is just seven (7years old ) and a left-handed batswoman.

    The Indian team is now just a few steps away from making history, and Shafali is just a few steps away romhr destined super stardom . The World Cup will be the team's first ICC win and hers too, and that will have a massive, far reaching impact. The youngest-ever to play T20I cricket for India.

    Shefali's biggest strength is her fearless nature of gameplay .Not many know that Shefali had to disguise as a boy during her childhood to train as there was no academy for girls in Rohtak her home town. Her father reluctantly agreed go along with his daughter's dare devil plan , though he was worried and scared of the consequences if caught.

    Shefali is a huge fan of not only her idol Sachin Tendulkar but alo of AB de Villiers and Virender Sehwag. Her attacking style of play as an opener is proof of this

    Fast&Up, India's leading sports and active nutrition brand, has been promoting and contributing to the strength and success of the Indian Women's cricket team ever since they ( Fast & UP ) entered the Indian scene . They are among the first brands who believed in the team, its women players and extended their full support even before the historic final in England.

    Shefali Verma is an admirer and user of Fast & UP products. She specially patronizes BCAA and Reload and says she loves the flavors and the effervescent style which not only enhances the taste but also helps in instant absorption.

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    The other Fast &Up product that Shafali Verma loves is "Reload ".

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    Fat & Up wishes Shafali Verma the new star on the sports field of India ALL THE VERY BEST FOR HER FUTURE.

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