Running, training & mom love - Read about Ankita's fitness week!

Published : Dec 23, 2016
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  • Updated On : Mar 14, 2017
    I started writing this blog while I was waiting for my mother at the Kempengowda Airport.

    The 2 hour flight delay was making me really impatient, so instead of passing my time ogling at the desserts at Caf? Noir, Ratan (my better half) suggested I do something better with my time, like work on the blog :)

    It?s a happy day because mums are the eternal saviors. My mom is on her way, and for the next 15 days I don't have to worry about taking care of my diet! Like myself, I have turned my mother into a health conscious woman and a fitness enthusiast (Talk about energy being infectious ?:) )

    Both of us are extremely meticulous about our diet & nutrition and my mom knows exactly what I need, it sure helps when she?s around!

    Coming to nutrition, I think Fast&Up ProTotal has certainly been helping me. When I took the very first sip of ProTotal, trust me, I hated it. It was like my very first sugarless coffee! Even though I like salmon, this taste was quite peculiar. I spoke to Vijay, who convinced me that I will get used to in a few days. It took me 5-7days and the taste did grow on me. So if you are one of those people who is struggling with the taste of ProTotal, I would say - give it 7- 10days. After all, good things have an acquired taste ;) Nevertheless, it is a great sports nutrition supplement. No, it is definitely not a miracle tab, you most definitely need to need to follow your training and diet to get great results. But it definitely boosts your training by enhancing your performance. It completes your sports nutrition requirement by giving 25 pure amino acids and micronutrients that your body needs for developing good muscular strength, which helps you digging deeper during trainings.

    Nutrition is key, but so is hard work!

    And it sure is helping me recover faster. Though I haven't checked my VO2 max, I?m able to hold faster paces, for example, a lung bursting 10K tempo this morning. Which makes me believe that it has improved my VO2 max to a certain extent. But nothing happens without your hard work and your dedication; to get an optimum result you need to be truthful to your training regime.

    Last Week was a no rest week for me. I ran continuously every day with a super busy weekend at work. The after effects were clearly visible at the Ajmera Thump Half Marathon, where I was supposed to pace Ratan. 2 days of continuous hard runs a day before the race made things challenging on a very tough course.

    It?s all about pushing yourself to that finish line :)

    I was not in a state to pace more than 10K, so I told Ratan I would pace him during the last 10K. But he convinced me to run with him and surprisingly we cruised through the first 15km smoothly. Finally, with less than 500m to the finish line, I asked him to sprint ahead and finish.

    Mondays and Tuesdays went by with the usual training regime

    I went very easy on my strength training this week since running took the center stage. I could feel my calves getting tighter so I focused more on the stretches, releases and foam rolling before it turned into a nightmare - an injury :/

    It?s really important to be patient and know when to take it easy!

    On the coming weekend I will be running with the big wigs of the Bangalore running community for our last long run before SCMM. It will be a great experience and I will share my learning in my next post :)

    Till then hold on to the flavor of ProTotal, Gosh do I love Charge for the same :)
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