Running The Perfect Sport For A Pandemic

Published : Jul 16, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    A Running Boom

    Most marathons that have been scheduled are most definitely going to be cancelled for the year ahead. Most roads are deserted from the pedestrians that used to crowd it. Participation in outdoor sports has almost come to a complete halt. Yet in the midst of all this, however, a running boom has taken off. A phenomenon not surprising to notice, as running by nature is the perfect way to exercise given the altered environment we live in after the pandemic broke out. It’s the natural choice in the age of social distancing.

    Fast&up Running as a natural sport in these times of social distancing.

    A Simple and Straightforward Choice

    With most other activities, like going to the gym, swimming, team sport and so, being inherently opposed to the rules of social distancing. It’s the ideal sport for a pandemic. All you really require is a pair of shoes and the presence of mind to keep a safe distance (at least 6 feet) from your fellow runner. Unfortunately, some roads have gotten crowded with runners, exacerbating the concerns to maintain social distancing. However, with mindful running practices this should not be a continued issue for most people.

    The sheer lack of any equipment running requires, other than one’s shoes and an empty road- and the superior health benefits runners reap, makes it the most appropriate choice to get your heart pumping and those endorphins rushing through your body! After all, it’s called a “runner’s high” for good reason!

    Running The Perfect Sport For A Pandemic

    Getting Started 

    There is a beauty in the simplicity of running. It is this simplicity that has als drawn so many new runners into the sport. However, when we say “simple” we don’t mean easy. Anybody who is physically able can run, but to elevate your run there is a requirement of insight that one can learn from experience and fellow runners. That’s why running groups on Strava running clubs are a perfect choice to imbibe knowledge from a community of runners. As we know, running in groups is forbidden but with Strava you get to space and match yourself against a whole running community, which makes the joy of running all the more enthralling!

    With the upsurge of novice runners, who are looking to tackle a 5k or above, the need for optimum nutrition is apparent. It is not a rare sight to find beginners panting, fatigued, cramping and simply overwhelmed. Therefore caution must be taken to refer to curated running plans that acclimatize you to gradually to overcome the obstacle. Moreover, runner’s lose plenty of sweat and are often dehydrated, hence, keeping electrolytes at hand is fundamental to prevent dehydration.

    If you have not already gone for a run during these days of restrictions, we urge you to get out there and feel the breeze wash over your face as you tackle any distance. As they say, a short run is better than no run. We could not agree more. Happy running!

    Mohd Amaan
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