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Running in Monsoon

The only mile regretted is the one that is not run even in rain Monsoon Running It's that time of the year when we wake up checking the weather forecast for the day. Rains can be very discouraging for a runner, especially if IDBI Life Insurance Half Marathon is approaching. If you decide to go ahead and run in the rain, you must make up your mind about one thing - you aren't going to be completely dry. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be comfortable. Here is how you can do that The monsoons tend to make us sluggish and lazy, and many of us want to curl up in bed with a book or a hot cup of tea or coffee, listening to the sound of the rain outside. Battling the urge to remain indoors is one of the first obstacles a runner has to overcome, but once that?s done with, the rest isn?t rocket science. Accept the fact that you are going to get wet, a little bit if not totally. Warm Up Do your warm-up or some dynamic stretches inside. This will help you loosen up. Your body will be warm when you eventual step outside and you can literally hit the road running when you get outside, avoiding and second thoughts you may have had about getting out the door. Wear fewer layers Many athletes feel comfortable with multiple layers on them. But, too much clothing, makes you heavier and uncomfortable when soaked. So keep it simple. At most, wear a raincoat or waterproof jacket over your t-shirt. Wear clothes made of lightweight moisture wicking (not cotton!) fabrics. 2017 IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon Wear a Cap Wear a hat which has a brim, it will prevent water to drip into your face when running and will help you to focus on the road ahead to avoid wet potholes. Keep water out of your face and make the run more comfortable ? no one wants to run with rain splashing in their eyes. Carry an extra pair of socks in your waist belt to change when your socks get wet. You will feel comfortable, and hopefully prevent blisters. Wear thin socks and avoid cotton socks. Wear socks that are created from man-made fibers and which are designed for running. Wear technical, moisture wicking socks.?Cotton socks will get soggy, squishy, and stretched, leading to blisters. So opt for acrylic or polypropylene blend material. After the run remember to take out your shoe?s insoles and loosely stuff them with newspaper once you?re back from each run. This will keep them in shape and absorb the excess moisture ? and it?s a much better option than directly heating your shoes with a hair dryer or such, as that can end up unsealing the glue and rubber holding them together. You can also spray water repellent on your shoes 24 hours before your run. This will not just prevent shoes from absorbing water, it will also prevent heavy feet and blistering. Monsoon Running 2017 Neon Up Wearing reflective material or a lighter-colored shirt will increase your visibility. This will be one of those few opportunities in the year when you can flaunt your fluorescent shorts or neon-piped tracks, so don?t hesitate. It?s important that you?maintain visibility while running; dawn and dusk hours are very overcast during the rains. Apply Vaseline Bodyglide?isn?t just for perspiration.?Chaffing occurs whether it caused by perspiration or rain water.If you?re prone to chafing or blisters, and even if you?re not, it?s a good idea to apply bodyglide or vaseline to toes, legs, underarms, and any place that may become problematic. Rain traps moisture between your clothing and skin, which makes you more prone to chafing and blisters. Electronics check The rains can be quite cruel on your precious smartphones, players and other gizmos, so it makes sense to opt for running clothes with inside pockets and waterproof linings. If these don?t do the trick, you might have to consider waterproof cases, though more often than not, a sealed plastic (such as Ziploc) bag does the trick as well. You could also leave your gadgets home. Watch Your Step You should always be paying attention, but running the rain means you need to be extra careful since the road or path is slippery. The key is to take small steps and really pay attention to your footing, similar to how you would run on trails, knowing that there may be lots of roots, rocks, or branches you could trip over. Don?t forget to hydrate Running in the wet reduces your thirst, and wearing several layers of clothing can increase your perspiration. So even if you don?t feel sweaty or thirsty, dehydration is still a risk. Charge your Immunity Monsoon makes you vulnerable to several diseases. And if you go running in the rains, you tend to get wet more often and this makes you more vulnerable to diseases like flu. 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So go ahead in monsoon with your IDBI Federal life insurance Mumbai half marathon, 2017 preparation and leave behind your worries of catching infections and being sick?FAST&UP?s CHARGE. So gear up, and enjoy running this monsoon. Run it all!!