Runners- Happy or Foolish?

Runners - Happy or Foolish?

Sunday 27th July 2013. 24km. What a fun run that was. Easy. With the evergreen Pervin and Santa. One of my easiest long runs ever! Completely energized, I come home feeling like a star. INVINCIBLE. I felt in great shape, in full training with no race on my plate. Wondering what to do, I got a sudden flash! A lot of talk of the upcoming Hyderabad Marathon was flying around. Some of our runners were going for the Full marathon and some more for the Half Marathon. It was a challenging run because of the elevation- via the flyovers and the Jubilee Hills area. That's it! I've found it! In my euphoric state of mind, I registered for the run and in minutes I booked my airplane tickets. I was on! I was in seventh heaven. In peak training and a tough race coming up. This would mean more running, serious hill workouts and more tempo. More, more, more! Yay! As Sunday evening approached the enormity of my decision overwhelmed me. Me? who hates hills, had just signed up for a killer race. What was I thinking? Me ? with my Peddar-road-o-phobia was going to go over 4 flyovers and numerous undulating hills. Clearly, I wasn't thinking! As I related my story to my non-runner friend- she says- it's your endorphins!

ENDORPHINS: Morphine within? Oh! I was riding high! These brain induced opiates had made me euphoric and the perception of pain had been reduced. Scientifically, endorphins are produced during running and they attach themselves to the areas of the brain which are associated with emotions- the same areas which are activated when one experiences romantic love or while listening to music which gives you a chill- a shiver down your spine- like Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 3. The greater the endorphins in the brain- the more the Euphoria! That is why runners are happy people! After most runs- one feels relaxed and clear-headed- but it is these 2 hours plus runs that generate an extreme experience like this. So here I am? staring at my half marathon looming up in two weeks. I am tackling it head-on- by stepping up my hill training. I hope that this race will help me to overcome my fear of hills. All I want is to run the entire distance of 21km nonstop. I was experiencing a Runners High? when my mind took over my body and the unconscious led my mind.

LESSON LEARNT: Don't take ANY decision until after 2 pm on Sunday.


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