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Published : Aug 18, 2017 5 mins read Updated On : Jan 05, 2024
IDBI Half Marathon This Sunday, August 20, 2017, be ready to witness Mumbai roads filled with runners soaked in the majestic (love at first sight) architectural delights of AAMCHI MUMBAI WITH AAMCHA FUEL FAST&UP as they chart their race along the famous monumental structures of Mumbai. Mumbai known for it's incredible enthusiasm, sporting spirit and vibrant energy is all set with glee to witness one of the most famed Half Marathons across the country. The love for sport in Mumbai's air clearly led to the announcement of the 2nd Edition of IDBI Federal Life insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017, which has returned with a positive spin. The Expo shall be held at Mumbai University, Kalina Campus, Santacruz from August 17, 2017 to August 19, 2017 where runners can collect their running bibs and running kits. IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon India's growing Life Insurance Company, IDBI Federal Life Insurance is keeping the spirit of enthusiastic and dedicated runners alive and have successfully added up a 2nd edition of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon to its growing portfolio of running events. This IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017 will see over 15k runners run on the roads of Mumbai on August 20,2017. The route will cover prominent historic landmarks of Mumbai. #MHM17 The face of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017 is none other than the very own son of Mumbai, Sachin Tendulkar. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, iconic Indian batman, also known as God of Cricket, himself is born and brought up in Mumbai. He has his roots grounded deep to this city where he began his journey to chase his love for cricket. He is the biggest motivation for people and hence the run is #RunToSachin. Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai cha mulga, overwhelmed to see people turning their head towards health and fitness posted this tweet.Sachin IDBI Running culture is firmly established in Mumbai. There several running groups residing in Mumbai like Mumbai Road Runners (MRR), Run India Run(RIR), etc. who vigorously carry out run sessions and keep up the spirit of running alive in Mumbai and spread the joy of running among masses. Mumbai has surely been trendsetter here and has inspired several aspirational runners. Mumbai makes up for a powerful magnetic field for runners, attracts many running communities and helps provide a platform for running talent in India. Running is moreof like a prism, which reflects health, fitness, active living and helps provide overall health and maintenance. Running surely is the new healthy! But what differs is how are you running? How are you fueling your runs? Is your running practice right? And how efficiently are you running? Make sure all of these answers are positive for you. Running is a sheer bliss, make sure you experience the best. For all those registered at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017, here's a list of few things that you must know to not only ace this run but also to ensure that you run healthy. For a Healthy Run:
  1. Don't try in new shoes or any gear at the day of the practice
  2. Wear in comfortable clothing for your run, don't wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable while on the run
  3. Take practice sessions for ?THE RUN?
  4. You can try practice along wit a partner, if you feel more motivated that way
  5. Rememeber: Practice at a pace which suits you and not what suits partner. You will run your own run and your partner will run his own
  6. Map your run in your mind
  7. Sleep well
  8. Be calm and relaxed in your sessions, don't overexert or stress your body
  9. Stay hydrated effectively. Make sure you are hydrating yourself right with the correct hydration strategy
  10. Fuel yourself well with the right and fast absorbing at every stage of your workout or run Pre-Workout (Fast&Up Activate), During Workout (Fast&Up Reload), Post Workout (Fast&Up Recover), Energy Boost (Fast&Up Energy Gel)
Here?s a quick Race Day Checklist:IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017 Hydration stratgey is too vital for long distance runs. E.g. Endurance Run like Half Marathon Run (21K). Dehydration of even 2% can have a negative impact on performace and even be fatal if ignored. Hydration keeps the cells of the body energized and assists the body system to function effectively. While you desire your perform your best in the run, you must also desire to fuel your body with the best to support your mission. While understanding how important hydration is, FAST&UP is a proud hydration partner of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017! Here's why India's First Hypotonic Hydration supplement, FAST&UP RELOAD is the best choice for hydration this IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017Hypotonic Hydration supplement FAST&UP RELOAD is a hypotonic hydration supplement available in effervescent tablet form which is quick in absorption and easy on GastroIntestinal (GI) tract. Fast&Up Reload is an ideal choice of hydration with right and optimal combination of Essential Electrolytes, Carbohydrates, Antioxidants. Fast&Up Reload provides you with Maltodextrin and Fructose (2:1) which helps ensure that your body is supplied with greater amount of energy compared to a single source of carbohydrate. Maltodextrin and Fructose helps with an Instant and Sustained Energy release which is a must-have for such endurance runs. Fast&Up Reload is also low on sugar, which doesn't overload your falsely sugarcoat your run and degrade your performance.IDBI Marathon Talking about running champions, Fast&Up Athletes Bijay Nair, Deepa Katrodia, Sonali Mahant, Sunil Shetty and Sangeeta Shetty are a part of the Fast&Up Fit Squad who are also partcipating in the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2017. Let me mention Fast&Up Athletes Sangeeta Shetty and Sunil Shetty are also the much famed Iron Couple. Looking forward for all of these champs!The Iron Couple


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