Vinodha Ganapathy - Run Miles With Smiles

RUN MILES WITH SMILES - Vinodha Ganapathy

Five years ago, even walking a mile was an uninteresting task for her. Today, her day would seem incomplete if she doesn’t run 10km. In 2011, when Vinodha returned back to India, she had no idea she’d become an ultra-marathoner. And today, with over 35half marathons, 4 full-marathons and 3 ultra-marathons under her belt, she is indeed an inspiration to many with her focus and commitment.

RUN MILES WITH SMILES- Vinodha Ganapathy

In 2014, the running bug bit her and a new family & passion was discovered when she decided to sign up for DRHM in Chennai – a popular running event. She trained herself and participated in the 10k run. Within 2 months she trained and participated for a half marathon. After running in every event, in early 2017 she found herself in an injury period. After a lot of self-analysis, she realized nutrition is an aspect she should focus on. She understood that running goes hand-in-hand with nutrition. From that day on, she ensures that she stays in top form with her determination and hard work. By the end of 2017, she was back on the running tracks, taking up 100 days of challenge and participating in running events. This gave her the confidence to continue.

Her sheer dedication didn’t go unnoticed by her coach. He introduced her to Fast&Up supplements six months ago. And not even for a moment she had second thoughts about the products.

“As a marathoner, you need gels to keep your energy levels up. And that’s what Fast&Up Energy Gels do for me,” says Vinodha.

Vinodha is also an entrepreneur, a fashion & style enthusiast and a core founding member of the Marina Runnerz foundation. She was instrumental in leading the MRM 2016, 2017, 2018 marathons to resounding success. One cannot miss Vinodha’s ever-smiling face & helpful attitude in the Chennai running circuit and her life has indeed done a 360.

The mantra that drives her – “Be happy and a reason will come along! Run miles with smiles!”

We hope his story has encouraged you to stay fit and get better each passing day.

Vinodha’s Fitness Essentials:
Gears – ASICS
Shoes – Asics
Supplements - Fast&Up Reload and Energy Gels.

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