Romy’s Real Transformation Story

Published : Sep 25, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Romy’s Real Transformation Story

    At some point in our lives, we come across people who inspire us. Someone we look up to. We admire their journey, their struggles and their stubbornness to achieve their goal. Today, we bring you the story of someone who will make you believe in the adage, “hard work really pays off.”

    Married in a conservative family of Ranchi at a tender age of 19, Romy Chhabra was never into fitness or into sports for that matter. She was what you promptly tag as a typical shy introvert. Becoming a mother of two by 23 was not a surprise but weighing 85kg with thyroid was.

    Despite the fact that she was never into sports, she enjoyed swimming but couldn’t continue with it. When she got her son playing lawn tennis, she walked in her spare time. When her daughter took up swimming classes, she decided to hit the gym. And this was 20 years ago. Just imagine, someone who has never been keen on being fit was running on the treadmill in a salwar suit with dupatta pinned up. Totally badass!
    But just working out did not give her the physique she wanted. She cut down sugar completely. Romy didn’t have access to social media nor did she have a dietician to help her with a proper diet. This resulted in her facing extreme hair loss and pale skin. She lost almost 26kgs. She believes, if she had help during this period in time she wouldn’t have over-worked her body.

    Romy knew she needed help so that’s exactly what she did. Inderjeet Sabarwal provided her with a basic nutritious diet. During these years, she had two surgeries but that did not stop her. About a month after her surgery, she was back at the gym.

    The three things that Romy learned during her journey was that it brings her immense happiness, it has taught her to let go and that she has the power to help others. She has not only transformed physically but mentally and emotionally, as well.

    Over these years, Romy was happy with the lifestyle she had created for herself. But with age comes a lot of fatigue and exhaustion. Her son came across Fast&Up products during his tournament and asked her to try them. She quickly discussed it with her close friend, Bicky Saluja who encouraged her to use Fast&Up’s health supplements.

    Fast&Up has a varied range of products for pre-workout, during workout and post-workout supplements that provide your body with the right amount of vitamins and other essential minerals.

    We hope her story has filled you with enough stubbornness and determination to achieve your goal.

    Romy Chhabra’s Fitness Essentials:

    Gears - Nike Dri-FIT & PUMA
    Shoe - Asics
    Coach - Vinod Patra and Inderjeet Singh Sabrewal
    Supplements - Fast&Up BCAA and Fast&Up Reload and Magnesio

    Romy’s Real Transformation Story

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    Healthy Lifestyle

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