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Published : Feb 14, 2019 1 mins read Updated On : Apr 11, 2019

Let your love be like,

Those pair of earplugs which always plays one song, the song of love, those shoelaces which tie the knot of trust and ensures you that you will never fall, exactly like a roller coaster which will let you experience all the ups and downs, just like a sweater which will make you realize how important it is to keep each other warm during the cold days.

We all have that one someone special with whom we love to spend time with, but the basic problem amongst all the couple is lack of timing, because of the hectic schedule and hectic life.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to let your romantic gestures smile, and who would not love to celebrate love a little more if they get a chance to? Expressing love is not always about fancy dates or expensive gifts, apart from this, there are plenty of things you can do which will show your love and care towards them. Little efforts, a pinch of care, a spoon of loyalty and understanding, and the beautiful essence of presence, are the ingredients of love.

Break the ice this Valentine’s season and refresh your love story by adding some fizz to it.

Sticky Note with the message

The most exciting to do list is ready,

But why just for one day? Your valentine is not your valentine just for a day right? Plan a strategy and count this day an opportunity wherein you both will refresh your love and make every day exciting, 

Make it a fun phase, go get a couple membership and hit the gym together, set targets and workout together. 

Fast&Up Reload Tube with caption  

Add some fizz to your love life, Fast up Reload is India’s first effervescent-Informed choice certified electrolyte. It is a certification program which says the product is all banned substances free.

Reload is a during workout supplement which will hydrate you and your partner in the most efficient and effective way. Reload is made up of a hypotonic formula and a perfect blend of electrolyte, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Calcium are to prevent muscle soreness and fatigue.

Reload is diabetic friendly there is no added sugar in it, an artificial sweetener called “Sucralose” is used to maintain the level of sweetness.

Reload is available in three refreshing flavors: Citrus, Cola and Berry.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day knows no age, isn’t it attractive watching grandpa doing things for grandma just to make her feel special. Fast&Up Fortify is to maintain her bone health, he knows that her body demands bone health at this tender age.

To know more about Fast&Up fortify click here.

An old couple with holding Fast&Up Fortify Tube

Make her feel healthy from within! #FizzWalaLove

To order now visit www.fastandup.in

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Isha Samtani
Isha Samtani
Daily Health & Wellness

Isha being a fitness enthusiast herself believes that daily health and wellbeing can be easily achieved through regular exercise and following such food habits that are nutritious and healthy. She ... Read More

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