Athlete Pervin Batliwala Recovery Tips and Prototal (High Protein Supplements)

Recovery & Progress - Read about my fitness week!

Last week was hectic for sure, but definitely satisfying. It's been a roller coaster four days, what with attending functions in the afternoon and night and also training at the same time.

My mileage during the week has surely peaked.?Saturday?& Sunday?were back to back runs.?Sunday?was the last long run before SCMM, 32 kilometers with half the distance at marathon pace. Now the taper starts. That means the following weeks will be less mileage but more speed workouts.? Sometimes I wonder if that is called taper, haha!

With my guruji and champion runner, Parul after the Sunday run. Don't miss her Fast&Up t-shirt :)

The?Sunday?run was just fantastic. Tiring but recovered very quickly, thanks to Prototal. I can say that Prototal took care of this week's tiredness and recovery. I am glad I was introduced to this great drink.

I'm anxiously looking forward to the final day - SCMM!

More to come next week.

Lots of love,