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Reasons Why Your Child is Refusing To Eat

Child refusing to eat is the most common problem all parents face. The kid may be a fussy eater or picky eater. There are chances that they may be eating one particular type of food and perhaps reject good food for junks. This is a more common problem than what parents consider it to be. In fact there could be several reasons such as lack of interest, not chewing or swallowing, picky eating, sensory, motor skill, routine etc.

Reasons why your child is refusing to eat - Fast&Up

As a parent one should observe and do some research work because then only they would get at the root cause of the problem and be able to solve it.
Here we enlist a few reasons why your child is refusing to eat.

1. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions may seem an obvious reason kids don't eat, but more than often it is overlooked and neglected. When they are sick or have a documented medical condition it is quite visible and obvious. But there are 2 common underlying conditions that often result in your child not being able to eat properly. Acidity and Constipation are the biggest culprit or reason that your child does not eat.

2. Sensory

For picky eaters, sensory plays an important role in their refusal to eat. So when they don’t like texture and taste they prefer not to eat/bite or lick the food. It's a sign that your child’s Oral Sensory System need a help

3. Soda Rich Beverage

There are many kids who have a habit of consuming soda or sugar loaded drinks that creates unwanted habits and often they refuse to eat food without them. One can replace those with healthy Fast&Up Charge Kidz which are tasty and at the same time will help support the immune system.

4. Feeling Too Tired

It's very possible that your child is tired after school then goes to play or is into some classes. While we all know active kids are happy kids, once they are fatigued and tired, there is a high chance of them not eating food. In order to maintain energy levels while they play, instead of water add Reload Kidz. Reload Kidz is a combination of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help in healthy hydration along with providing energy.

Bottom Line

When it comes to children not having their food regularly is the most common problem across all the parents, it is important how you deal with it. When one inculcates good eating habits, easier it becomes when they grow up to control their eating and lifestyle pattern. Fast&Up Kidz Range offers a unique and safer option as compared to sugar loaded or soda rich beverage,

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Neel Visaria

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