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real recovery time for the coronavirus disease

Did you know more than 109264506 have recovered from Covid 19, In India, the recovery rate is almost in the range of 95-99%. The road to recovery differs from person to person. There are several factors that contribute towards the recovery time.

real recovery time for the coronavirus disease - Fast&Up

How sick the person is in the first place, secondly what impacts does it have on the longer run. Also age, gender and lifestyle plays a vital role too.

What if one is suffering from mild symptoms only?

Most people who are down with Covid -19 at start have main symptoms such as fever, cough and fatigue. But they can experience body aches, weakness or sore throat and other symptoms as well.

The cough which is initially dry, starts coughing up mucus containing dead lung cells killed by virus.

Mild symptoms of Covid 19 can be treated with home isolation with complete bed rest, plenty of fluids and pain relief such as paracetamol.

The fever settles within 8-10 days with people having mild Covid -19 symptoms, as per guidelines by WHO (World Health Organization) it takes 2 weeks on an average to recover.

What if symptoms develop into something more serious?

There are chances of one developing more serious symptoms. This tends to happen in between 7 to 10 days into the infection.

This change can be sudden, breathing difficulties and the lungs get inflamed. This happens because the body's immune system is trying to fight back invading foreign viruses and the body experiences collateral damage.

In case of severe cases, one needs to get admitted to hospital for oxygen therapy.

What if I need intensive care?

As per estimation by WHO (World Health Organization) one in 20 people will need intensive care treatment, which can include being on a ventilator and being sedated. It takes considerable time for such people to recover from covid-19. It is reported that it can take 12 to 18months to get back to normal after any spell in intensive care.

Spending too much time on beds results in muscle loss. Patients become weak and muscles will take a long time to recover. Some people do need physiotherapy to walk again.

How can one heal after being infected?

Eat Healthy Foods: Once you feel like eating, fuel your body with essential nutrients and limit intake of sugar loaded and processed foods. If you don’t feel like eating don’t force food down.

Drink lots of Fluid: Even when you don’t feel like eating, one must include plenty of water daily.

Lower your fever: Have acetaminophen or ibuprofen if you have a temperature or body aches. But be careful not to exceed the daily limit and only to be done with doctor’s prescription.

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Bottom Line

When you are home isolating with mild covid-19 symptoms, recovery time is usually 14 days. But it is necessary to take necessary precautions post that to get back to normal health. Fast&Up Recovery Kit helps people in their journey towards recovery.

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