Divine Ravine Run

The Ravine Run Mountain Run is back! This is going to be the third edition which is on 2nd December 2018, and a new addition this year is the Mala’s Rainbow 5km run where fitness enthusiasts can participate and have a fun time while being fit! This event is going to be the most amazing one as SHHM Dr. Sandeep Kate himself is playing a role of the race director, no doubt the event is going to be well organised and a lot of fun.

The event is divided under 3 categories which are the following:

  • 21km Half Marathon Run is for age group 18 years and above.
  • 10km Timed Run is for age group 16 years and above.
  • 5km Rainbow Run is open for all as it is a Fun Run.

The Ravine Run 2018 will be happening at Panchgani during December - so basically it is going to be an amazing weather for run with gorgeous views - here our excitement level shoots up!

During winter, our hydration goes down. We forget to sip water but that doesn’t mean our body is not dehydration. So what is essential that will help keep our body energetic throughout the event?


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The effervescent mix helps in avoiding any kind of gastrointestinal distress during your workouts.

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Register for the event on here

Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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