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Racetime India Frog Race - Stay Fuelled

Published : Dec 12, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

Racetime India Frog Race - Stay Fuelled

The FROG (Fun Run Orion Gateway) race is an admirable initiative that will elicit change at an urgent and fundamental level. The Race time India Frog Race will use proceeds to fund projects such as the installation of toilets in rural village schools, renovating Anganwadi, mentoring and educating farmers by building Rotary Community Corps within the villages.

There is expected to be a number of first-time runners in these races, and it is important that these novice runners experience a pleasant run with adequate preparation. The Race time India Frog Race (Fun Run Orion Gateway) is going to kick-off soon on Jan 5th, 2020 in Bangalore, and in preparation of the fun 3k, 5k, and 10k races that have been lined up, let's do a quick rundown on how to stay fuelled during your run so you are able to execute your optimum performance without the risk of injury. In short, nutrition has been proven to boost a runner's performance, so let us detail how you can begin to fuel your race, and what role nutrition plays during your run.

Racetime India Frog Race_ Stay Fuelled
Role of runners' nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in supporting all aspects of running, including daily targets, weekly mileage, races, recovery and training adaptations, etc.

The main goals of performance Running nutrition are:

●To provide fuel for the activity required in training
●To prevent injuries, cramps spasms
●To promote recovery and drive training adaptations following sessions
●To fuel for the run and recover on race day

Runners around the world, whether they are running a 3k, 5k or 10k race rely on supplements to boost their energy levels and ensure their recovery post-race. So on the day of the race, what nutritional meals and supplements can you rely on?


To maximize the body's energy storage, carbohydrate intake can be increased in the 24-48 hours before race-day. To do this, increase the carbohydrate with each meal, use carbohydrate snacks between meals and drink carbohydrate drinks during the day. It is advised to use a pre-workout energy drink to increase the oxygen availability in your blood cells and increased blood flow which leads to extended energy and stamina.

During Race

●Hydration: It is without a doubt that people begin to sweat if they run for an extended period of time. This inevitably drains the body of vital electrolytes, such as Sodium and Potassium, which need to be replenished otherwise you will face the risk of muscle cramps, fatigue and of course dehydration. You can depend on these Instant Hydration drinks to deliver fast, tasty and effective refreshments.

●Energy Gels: If you are running the 10k, this will serve a much-needed purpose of saving you from the drawls of fatigue, as it instantly delivers a powerhouse of raw energy. When you feel like your energy levels are dipping, just bite on this instant energy gels to boost your energy and power you through the race.
Racetime India Frog Race_ Stay Fuelled

After you have tackled the challenge of the 3k, 5k or 10k races, your body will need time to recover completely, so you continue to be active and healthy. After all, a race is supposed to be rejuvenating through its exertion and not result in exhaustion that overcomes you. Amino acids play a vital role and these Muscle recovery supplements deliver the complete profile of all 20 essential amino acids that will boost muscle recovery, energy, and endurance. Consume this post-race and sit back and relax!

If you haven't signed up for the race as of yet,

With the right nutrition, your race can be elevated to enhance training and performance which along with determination can transform you into a seasoned runner. 

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