ORDI Racefor7 Registrations, Racefor7 Event 25th February, 2018



Racefor7 is an awareness run, initiated by ORDI (Organization for Rare Diseases India) aiming to raise awareness about the rare diseases in India and are literally running the distance for the same.

So far, 7000 rare diseases have been documented and ORDI Racefor7 Event represents the 7000 Rare Diseases with 7000 people running for 7 Kms. RUN FOR CAUSE: The main aim and purpose of ORDI RaceFor7 Event is to spread mass awareness and raise funds for patients suffering from rare diseases in India and help empower the rare population of patients and families with access to national and international resources. Organization for Rare Diseases India (ORDI), which is non-profit organization (NGO) and provides help and support for patients suffering from rare diseases. They help them the rare diseases community with diagnosis, treatment and even services like counselling. ORDIRacefor7 is a team committed to raise mass awareness about an issue which is hardly talked about; Challenges and Difficulties faced by the rare population suffering from Rare Diseases in India. Rare Diseases in India is gaining momentum and it is important that awareness is raised on the same. The key challenge faced is the lack of awareness among masses, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies. This awareness run aims to spread awareness about this rare diseases community. While we run a race, the nutrients of our body runs a race as well and often faces challenges to reach across the finish line. Hydration being the biggest challenge of all. Our body is made up of 75% of water and hydration is crucial to carry out vital physical and mental functions of the body. Hydration impairment can lead to severe issues like dehydration, cramps, fatigue, headache, etc.hydration drink A run without adequate hydration is pretty much like a fish without water, impossible right? But don?t you worry, Fast&Up has got your back!

Fast&Up is the official hydration partner for ORDI Racefor7.

We tend to lose electrolytes while we run (and we run our best, and we run our best out of electrolytes too). Electrolytes are essential for our body and helps perform essential functions like maintaining fluid balance and various other essential functions in the body. While we sweat a lot, we tend to lose a lot of electrolytes which might negatively impact on our performance. These essential electrolytes need to be replenished before deadl

dehydration sets in.Dehydration FAST&UP RELOAD Fast&Up Reload is India?s First Hypotonic Hydration product with a unique combination of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Carbohydrates. This unique and optimal combination of ingredients offers quick and effective hydration and helps in Instant Hydration for Longer Hydration. The optimal Maltodextrin: Fructose ratio of 2:1 helps provide Instant and Sustained Energy along with essential mix of ingredients like Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 for Instant and Sustained Hydration.Body Rehydration

The ORDI Racefor7 Event is on 25th February, 2018 (Sunday) to acknowledge World Rare Diseases Day. MARK THE DATE! The ORDI Racefor7 event is held at two locations: Bangalore and Mumbai. For Bangalore, The ORDI Racefor7 event is held at St. Josephs Indian High School Grounds, Besides Mallya Hospital, Bangalore. The event will engage runners with a 7kms run/walk inside Cubbon Park. For Mumbai, The Racefor7 is held at We Work Ground (Beside R2 Ground), BKC. The race begins at 6.00 am and ends at 10.00 am. A promotional run event is organized by RaceFor7 in Bangalore and Mumbai on 18th February, 2018 to spread awareness for the rare diseases community.  Racefor7 Registrations are OPEN now.

Run for a CAUSE, RUN FOR Racefor7