Quick Tips for an Active Lifestyle by Pooja Makhija

Quick Tips for an Active Lifestyle by Pooja Makhija

Celebrity nutritionist and Fast&Up Brand Ambassador Pooja Makhija shared an insightful video in which she listed quick and easy tips to follow for a happy, healthy, and active life. So, let’s take a look at the 5 key points Pooja had stated to achieve an active life that is both fulfilling and filled with the goodness of health.

Small Frequent Meals

By ensuring we eat small yet frequent meals we don’t allow our body’s blood sugar levels to drop too low, and thereby prevent ourselves from overeating when we sit down to have a meal. Pooja remarks that blood sugar highs are stored in the body as fat and, of course, that is something none of us particularly desire. So, the solution lies in small yet frequent meals that maintain the body’s sugar levels consistently.
Quick Tips for an Active Lifestyle by Pooja Makhija

The second tip, that is emphasized is the importance of hydration. Pooja recommends that we drink 2-3 liters of water so we ensure that our body cells are hydrated, which will reflect positively on our skin, hair, immunity and even slow down physical signs of the aging process. To ensure optimum hydration you can depend on this Informed-Choice sports nutrition drink that is an instant hydration sensation to those who embody an active lifestyle.


Although, through a careful diet we may attempt to consume all the essential vitamins and minerals, however, our diet often results in pesky nutritional gaps that can be satiated with making sure you consume a multivitamin every day. As an accomplished nutritionist, Pooja is aware of the inevitable nutritional gaps that arise in our lives no matter what. That’s exactly why you can switch to daily nutrition for daily health and performance.
Quick Tips for an Active Lifestyle by Pooja Makhija
4 Hours of An Active Lifestyle

Pooja Makhija highlights the fundamental importance of pursuing an active life in order to stay healthy. She remarks that it isn’t necessary to go out of your way to exert yourself, a simple walk will do instead of a run! You could do this in your building, or by the beach or hit the gym! With an active lifestyle comes the need for active nutrition in order to support your lifestyle with the nourishment it deserves.


Pooja Makhija vividly emphasizes the importance of sleep and likens it to the act of charging our phone. If you don’t charge it, it will soon fizzle out of use. In the same way, sleep provides us with that essential charge for the day to come, and in the process rejuvenates us to seize the day once again. If you are having trouble with falling asleep, look for nutrition that is high in elemental Magnesium as it boosts sleep and defeats stress.

Quick Tips For An Active Lifestyle By Pooka Makhija

Pooja Makhija has outlined 5 essential tips that we are sure will improve your life for the better, both inside and out. To begin your journey in healthy living that is fuelled by intelligent nutrition click here.


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