Quarantine Workout Tips: How To Stay Fit At Home During Quarantine - Fast&up


The rapid outbreak of coronavirus across the nation means almost all of India is forced into quarantine. While staying inside our homes and complying with social distancing is a great measure to keep the novel coronavirus at bay, it possibly could lead to some unwanted health concerns. Little to no physical activity and spending most of our day inside four walls could have some adverse effects on our body and mind. Alternatively, it could just be the excuse for one to just curl up on the couch & binge-watch their favourite web-series all the while munching on something unhealthy (or maybe healthy).

While food does play an important role in our overall health, lack of any strenuous activity could lead to lethargy and lack of drive. Be it your fitness goal or simply maintaining your health, one needs to keep a check on their activities and indulge in at least 15 minutes of any kind of aerobic or non-aerobic activity daily. Remember, we have to stay healthy, not succumb to its after-effects.

Plus a daily dose of exercise could have tons of benefits in the long run, with or without lockdown. Regular exercise will keep our bodily functions working at its best, particularly our immune system. And we all know how important it is to keep our immune strong to keep the pandemic at bay.

Fortunately for you, you don't need a gym or any fancy equipment to stay in shape. You can perform a quick work out in the comfort of your own house by just dedicating 30 minutes of your precious time daily.

So just grab a towel, some water and turn the music on. Let's get started

The workout should be completed within 45 minutes

WARM-UP: It is very important to warm your body up before any kind of training as it helps prevent injury, loosen up and increase blood flow.
• Spot jumps
• High knees
• Side jumps
( 3 sets of each with 10 seconds rest in between)

• Lateral leg swings
• Neck rotation
• Mid-back twist
• Calf stretches

(5 reps of each stretch both sides )

• Butt kicks
• Jumping jacks
• Burpees

(2 sets each for 60 seconds)

• Pushups ( 3 x 15)
• Tricep dips ( 3 x 15)
• Bicep curls ( 3 x 12 each arm )
• Squats ( 3 x 15)
• Wall squat ( hold 30 secs x2)
• Step up lunges ( 3 x 12 each leg)
• Calf raises ( 2 x 30)
• Abdominal crunches ( 3 x 15)
• Plank ( hold for 60 secs x 2)

After any gruelling workout session, it is extremely important that you allow your body to cool down to avoid any prolonged fatigue or muscle soreness. A good workout will only yield the desired result if paired with a healthy diet and muscle recovery after workout . If you perform the above-mentioned workout, then your body has certainly lost a lot of its energy along with a lot of water and a hell of a lot of electrolytes. And if you want to workout with the same level of intensity tomorrow, we highly recommend feeding your body with some much-needed nutrients. So all you'll need is something to hydrate yourself while also providing the needed dose of nutrients and electrolytes (super important!). Fast&Up Reload will be your best friend at this time. This instant electrolyte drink will help with instant hydration and rejuvenation and should satisfy your taste buds too. Along with some nourishing goodness, it'll help reduce fatigue and prevent cramps.
For all you hardcore gym-goers stuck in lockdown, we also recommend Fast&Up BCAA and Glutamine, to help you with muscle recovery after workout and endurance. Glutamine also aids in improving your gut health and immunity. BCAA also helps in muscle protein synthesis and muscle repair.


All done? Great! You got the hardest part done i.e. Day 1. It's time to rest and fuel your body for the next day's intensive session. Let's all pledge together and ace the #StayAtHomeChallenge in style.