Rashid Zirak - Pushing Your Limits

Pushing Your Limits – Rashid Zirak

Growing up in Surat, Gujarat; Rashid might never have imagined what he would achieve one day.

Like every other kid of his age, he enjoyed sports but never took it seriously. In his final years of school, he started enjoying sports. He played tennis, cricket and basketball. His school encouraged students to participate in State Level Championships, which is how his interest grew more. Robinson Nathan, a renowned basketball player, turned out to be an alumni of his school. He was someone Rashid looked up to.

By grade 12, Rashid played 7 games: cricket, athletics and hand ball to name a few. Soon after he entered college, he’d participate in mini Marathons. He was asked to be the coach. He left the board members impressed and was asked to join the next day. Little by little, his experience grew in the field of coach.


By the time he graduated, he was earning and he got habitual to the amount his job paid. During these days, Ryan International held Middle Distance Running. There were a special recruitment going for coaches as it became difficult to handle things. Lucky for him, he was recruited immediately in Ryan International. After completing the required education, suggested by the principal Bala Saraswathi Nair herself, asked him to become P.E teacher on permanent basis. His life became monotonous as his sports activities became limited because of his job.


He was still not sure what he wanted until he joined a fitness club. He found a ‘kick’ in training people in this club. During this period, there was a parent of one of the students who’d watch him train. They approached him after a few days asking to train their kid. It turned out to be Bhargav Merai. Rashid was quite unsure whether he can pull this off but he trained him anyway. And his efforts did wonders.
Later his interest grew towards cricket training. Soon, he completed strength and conditioning course from Australian strength and conditioning association and many other from Indian Institution.

He is currently strength and conditioning coach for Arunachal Pradesh Senior Cricket Team for men.

During his coaching period, he came across Fast&Up as the association trusts the brand for his sports and nutritional needs. He believes himself to be his own greatest competitor. He is currently pursuing higher studies and PhD. During his entire journey, his wife played a major role of being his support system. And, today a father of two kids still believes that learning never stops.

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We hope his story has encouraged you to stay fit and get better each passing day.

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