Prevention and Protection from Corona Virus

Prevention and Protection from Corona Virus

Coronavirus is not an alien word anymore; in fact it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it has become a household word.

Its notoriety has increased by leaps and bounds and it has succeeded in becoming a scare.

It has been declared that there is no vaccine for this virus and the only method of saving yourself is by prevention and protection. In other words PREVENTION is PROTECTION .

The most effective methods of prevention are as follows.

1) Avoid non vegetarian food and also avoid unprotected contact with live wild or farm animals.
2) Avoid contact with people with possible symptoms.
3) Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.
4) Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.
5) Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
6) Avoid close contact with people who show symptoms of common flu.dry cough, pneumonia like symptoms severe cute respiratory syndrome, difficulty in breathing

Non vegetarian food should be avoided because the virus originated from some ‘bat soup’ in Wuhan China. It found good response from other meat products as favorable ground for incubation and growth. This makes it necessary that all contact with non -vegetarian food should be avoided as far as possible. Non vegetarian food in this case includes dairy ,poultry , meat and sea food also. That means milk ,milk products, chicken and eggs too .
Keeping ones throat moist and body hydrated is another very important aspect, because it concerns your own bodily self . If your body gets infected then there is no escape.

The symptoms

Severe cold, sneezing, respiratory issues, difficulty in breathing are few very common symptoms.


Since it is virus... take following precautions

1. Drink boiled water
2. Stop non veg
3. Take vitamin C, Zinc, B complex daily RDA Dose for prevention
4. Strictly follow personal hygiene
5. Decoction of Tulsi, Ginger, Pepper, Curcumin in hot water helps immensely
6. Guduchi treats fever & enhances immunity
7. Take hot rasam or vegetable soups.

Antibiotics will not work on coronavirus

Drink hot water sip by sip so that it keeps your throat moist

Mentioned above are messages and information shared by well-meaning citizens and groups in the interest of the well-being of all. There may or may not be authentic proof of their effectiveness. But there is no harm in following them as they have mentioned mentioned facts that are good for prevention of any disease. May be they will be effective in this case too .

The directive issued by the ministry of health government of India is quoted below.

Actual Precautionary Measures on the Coronavirus issued by the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has tweeted a few precautions that could be taken by people travelling to China to reduce their chances of being infected by the Coronavirus

Frequently clean hands with soap, water or an alcohol-based rub.

When coughing or sneezing, cover mouth and nose with hands or tissue. Throw away the tissue immediately and wash hands.

Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.

Avoid unprotected contact with live wild or farm animals.

Homeopathy has the following medicines and methods:

Arsenicum album 30 could be taken as a prophylactic medicine against Coronavirus infections, which has also been advised for prevention. It has recommended one doze of Arsenicum album 30, daily on an in empty stomach for three days. The dose should be repeated after one month, by following the same schedule in case Coronavirus infections prevail in the community, a statement said.

ARSENIC ALB 30 daily morning 4 pills and evening 4 pills for 5 days

No medicine on 6th day

PHOSPHORUS 30 on 7th day morning 4 pills.

Daily use of the following Homoeo Mother Tinctures also will help to prevent and cure the disease. To be used in the following way for 15 days.

1. OCIMUM SANCTUM Mother Tincture ( extract of Krishna Tulasi ).
Drink morning 10 drops and evening 10 drops with 3 tea spoons of water.
2. TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA Mother Tincture ( extract of Amrita balli in Kannada and Thippa theega in Telugu).

Drink afternoon 10 drops and night 10 drops with 3 tea spoons of water.

  • Some home remedies like drinking boiled garlic water and eating the left over garlic is said to cure patients of this virus.
  • A concoction obtained after boiling basil (tulsi) leaves, black pepper corns and ginger is also said to produce effective results especially as a preventive measure.

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In our battle against the deadly disease let us leave no stone unturned and let us explore all possible venues to beat negativity and salute positivity. Be it Homeopathy , Aurveda, Unani or Allopathy let us join hands with all of them and fight out this messenger of death and destruction from the face of the earth . We have fought cancer, Aids, Swine Flu and plague We can fight Coronavirus too. Let Humanity win the battle for humans. Let us forget political issues and come together in this war of survival.