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Preparing for IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon, 2017

Published : Jun 05, 2017 4 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

It's already June and you must be telling yourself that this year I will go for the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon. No matter what, this year I am running the marathon??? Everybody tries to boost himself/herself by saying this but somehow many people fail to achieve it. Not to worry? beginners can prepare for a marathon in a simple way.

Before deciding about running the marathon, you were just going for a brisk walk, but now you are participating in the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon. Be it encouraging pressure of runners and peers or a good cause, you are in for a good. It's time for you to gear up and start training yourself for the IDBI MUMBAI HALF MARATHON.


The key to training for a half marathon is to build fitness and endurance without taking the risk. Your fitness levels have to be at their optimal best to get mileage from training to run. So make a fast dash to your doctor's clinic and get a clean state from him about your idea of running the IDBI MUMBAI HALF MARATHON. The best training routine would include frequency and intensity.

The first thing is to train under a coach or to join a runners group. IDBI MUMBAI HALF MARATHON is a long run. So begin slowly and steadily. Alternate with walk run walk routine and increase the time as you get stronger. Go for a long run once a week. This amazing mix will help to develop your lean muscles and build up your staying power.

This way your stamina will increase gradually and your body will be ready for the IDBI Federal life insurance Mumbai half marathon, 2017 eventually. Apart from increasing stamina, food and supplements intake plays a major role in helping and supporting the body for the change that the body is subjected to. Breaks are an essential part of ones training. 

They help your body to repair and rejuvenate you. Relax, do some yoga, go for swimming, or simply do light cross training. You don't have to subject yourself to a ruthless routine, but consistent training should be the key. Dehydration is an obstacle, a big one. So while keeping in mind all enhancing factors, never ignore the obstacles. They can ruin everything. So always keep your body hydrated by drinking water (if you do not like any other drink) and say NO NO to dehydration The balanced diet very important.

Think healthy, eat balanced. When training for the IDBI MUMBAI HALF MARATHON, you naturally start living wholesomely.

idbi federal life insurance mumbai half marathon 2017

Don't forget your shoes. Test your running shoes before your long runs. Wear your pair for at least a month or more. You should be comfortable in what you wear. Training for the IDBI Federal life insurance Mumbai half marathon, 2017 is also a good way to train for your first marathon.

The IDBI MUMBAI HALF MARATHON is an ideal way to find out whether you are fit and whether you enjoy going these long distances. It tells you if you have it in you to prepare for the physical and mental challenge of the marathon. When your legs are tired or the weather is nasty, maintaining your motivation will help you get out the door. Adequate rest helps prevent injuries and mental burnout. So get a good amount of peaceful sleep.

Amongst all of these, the most important thing that we are not considering are your muscles. Since your body is not used to such heavy running and exercise, your body will behave differently initially. You will experience muscle fatigue, muscle cramps etc. over exertion also brings in the risk of muscle damage. This might demotivate you, but not to worry. FAST&UP has a perfect product for you. FAST&UP's RECOVER will solve all your problems.

FAST&UP's RECOVER contains Branched Chain Amino acids and essential amino acids which are important to repair your muscle tissues and help you prepare for the next workout. They promote protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown. It is used to build proteins in the body and balances biological molecules at a cellular level. Drinking several cups of water after any activity is recommended to nourish your tired muscles.

Mumbai half marathon recovery supplements

FAST&UP's RECOVER is an effervescent tablet. It's easy to carry as it comes in jars of ten tablets and is light to carry. What you have to do is just Drop a tablet in 250ml water, let it Dissolve and Drink it. This way you are getting all amino acids for protein synthesis and to take care of muscle cramps and muscle recovery. Your body is getting hydrated as the amino acids are being consumed as a solution.

Also, the recommendation of drink water after running, to nourish your tired muscles is taken care of. All this through a single tablet of FAST&UP's RECOVER. What more can one ask for? So go ahead with your IDBI Federal life insurance Mumbai half marathon, 2017 preparation and leave behind your worries of muscle damage with FAST&UP's RECOVER. 

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