Precautions To Follow After Reopening Of Gyms

Precautions To Follow After Reopening Of Gyms

While, the announcement of gyms reopening across India, has been a sigh of relief, and a glimmer of encouraging hope as we delve into the return to normalcy. However, we must be acutely cognizant of the strict precautions and protocols that must be followed if we wish to contain the spread of the Coronavirus while ‘unlock 3’ unfolds across the Indian subcontinent.

So let’s take a closer look at the specific hygiene and behavioural practices that need to be followed in order to maintain the safety for yourself and those around you:

Sanitize Your Hands After Use of Equipment

The equipment used in gyms are passed through several hands, and it is best to avoid hand-contact with your face after you touch these gym equipment. That’s why we strongly recommend hand sanitizer always ready at your disposal, as you must routinely sanitize to stay germ-free.

Precautions To Follow After Reopening Of Gyms

Stick To Your Given Time Allotment

Due to the regulations of minimizing the amount of people in the gyms, you will most likely be given a time-period in which you will have to get your workout done in. To ensure that everyone is given a fair amount of time, and the room is not overcrowded one must blindly adhere to the time regulations. Even if you are unable to complete your workout, you can always catch up later!

Don’t Restrict Breathing With A Face Mask

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but several research has pointed out that working out while wearing a face mask restricts air pathways and can lead to light-headedness and increased heart rate. So although you must practice social distancing, be weary of wearing the mask while performing intense aerobic exercises as you might be out of breath very soon!

Don’t Forget About Social Distancing!

Now although, one might get carried away in the heat of the moment, it is always important to remember that a safe distance from the people around you is a necessary precaution that must be adhered to ensure the safety and sustainability of easing up previous restrictions.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle!)

Remember to always bring your own water bottle for instant hydration as you should try to minimize exposure to any public equipment as much as possible. This includes towels, and other gear you might need while working out!

So with all this in mind, above all, just remember that being mindful about your safety and hygiene practices at the gym can lead to a healthy and safe environment for one and all!
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